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Intelligent Tilting Rotary table
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:GTFAE320H
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The "Intelligent Five-axis Rotary Table" provides real-time monitoring, maintenance history tracking and automatic backlash compensation. Through the one-piece main shaft design and wear-resistant worm gear material, the rigidity is enhanced and the service life is extended, saving energy and reducing carbon. It enables a high level of automation through flexible expansion and fixture integration. It can support DETRON's self-built AR digital guidance and MR remote expert collaboration, so as to accurately troubleshoot problems and quickly repair products. The patented "gap automatic compensation" function facilitates intelligent manufacturing. Judging from Taiwan's machine tool exports reaching US$3.023 billion in 2022, most of them are high-end spindle models. This competing product is crucial for the processing of complex parts across industries, promoting industrial upgrading, and enhancing competitiveness through intelligent and efficient development.


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Detron Machinery was established in 2006 and is committed to the production of "NC rotary tables". The product specifications are complete, covering worm gear rotary tables, cylindrical cam rotary tables, and direct drive motor rotary tables, quickly meeting various needs of customers.
Adhering to the consistent concept of specialization and pragmatism, Detron has become the manufacturer of CNC rotary tables with the largest output and the best products in Taiwan. Our international R&D team employs senior full-time personnel from Japan and Taiwan, and is committed to advanced application technology and mechanical integration engineering. Our primary mission is to support our customers to improve machine processing efficiency and create new value.


The brand name of Detron comes from the combination of the two concepts of " acting with morality " and " Inclusive of all rivers " in Chinese. Among them, "acting with morality" emphasizes that the enterprise is based on integrity, upholds the attitude of pragmatism and responsibility, and establishes a good corporate image and reputation. And " Inclusive of all rivers " lies in our international vision and open cooperation status. We seek to establish partnerships with partners from all over the world to absorb different perspectives and cultures to create more diversified products and services. Therefore, the combination of these two concepts embodies our pursuit of excellent quality and international cooperation. We hope to provide customers with the best product experience and succeed in the global market through excellent product quality and open cooperation status.

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