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WhiizU - Indoor Cycling Virtual Training Application
Industry type:PC and software
Product model number:WhiizU
award 3

WhiizU-Innovation application of Virtual 3D cycling, the world first indoor cycling application comes with virtual 3D and Geo-synchronized video combined with animated 3D Avatar riders, providing riders the most realistic road feeling and experience.

WhiizU riding borderless: Rider could cycling two type route, muscle strength and community features. Whatever riders in GYM Studio or at home who can cycling with friends in different places online or in the same place (off line) together. Sports are not limited by space, location and weather to offer rider more professional and friendly experience.

WhiizU AI coach and data analysis: Provide data analysis during riding, once riding compete, WhiizU AI coach could suggest training schedules/courses make training more accurate and efficient.

WhiizU was authorized by the Chinese Taipei Cycling Association to co-organizing the 2021/2022 Taiwan Cup Cycling Esports Tournament and Nov. 2023, The First Asian Championships Cycling Sports.


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Uniwill Technology was founded by a group of creative and innovative research and development professionals who had over 20 years of experience in designing a variety of mobile products that included notebook computers, tablets, smartphones, and the Internet of Things.
WhiizU is the innovative department of Uniwill tech. Led by professionals that have 20 years of experience, especially in the VR, sports innovation, and 5G AIot fields, WhiizU is a rising star with great potential to develop a game-changing cycling training APP and provide riders with more options when it comes to indoor cycling training.


The sports innovation department of Uniwill Technology Inc.The team was established in 2016 by professionals from the VR, sports innovation, and 5G A Iot fields in Taiwan. We believe that true cycling data and modern technology can eventually break the barriers between virtual and outdoor cycling. The Ultimate Cycling Esports Arena that not only offers real-world cycling experience but the true buzz of the E-cycling race with riders around the world.

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