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1/2" Air Angle (Flex-Head) Impact Wrench
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:YU-RA4002
award 3

1. Nano Flex-Head air impact wrench, featuring an adjustable head angle for enhanced versatility.
2. Patented Double Air Intake motor structure revolutionizes pneumatic tools, boosting air intake and reducing friction for 20-25% improved
3. The compact YU-RA4002T with Twin Hammer design outperforms traditional Jumbo Hammer design in tight spaces, with a length of just 85mm.
4. Enjoy unrestricted usage at any angle with the head's impressive 120-degree swing, protected by a patent.
5. Patented handle design allows effortless 360-degree rotation for comfortable operation.
6. Easily adjust the speed for precise control (Speed-Controllable).
7. Designed for simplicity and versatility, suitable for both left and right-handed users, enabling easy one-handed operation.
8. Widely used in agriculture machinery, automotive repair, tire shops, construction steel structures, and assembly lines.
Perfect for tasks requiring screw loosening or tightening.
9. Multi-National Patents.


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YUEH-CHI was founded in 1992 and has been a leader in professional tools. With a commitment to Quality, Service, and Innovation, we have built a professional team that continuously strives for excellence. Through the development of innovative technologies, improvement of
machinery and processing techniques, ISO-9001 quality management system and CE standard certification. In addition to our own brand, SCORPIO, we have gained the trust and recognition of global brand partners through technical collaborations in ODM and OEM.

In an ever-changing market, quality remains our constant priority. We firmly believe that quality is achieved through design and manufacturing rather than inspection. Scorpio continually seeks perfection, leveraging excellent manufacturing capabilities, rigorous management systems, and innovative thinking in R&D. We prioritize user health, safety, and environmental considerations, continuously developing lightweight and compact products to meet market request.


Scorpio embodies strength and resilience, both as an animal and a constellation. These qualities define YUEH-CHI's product design philosophy. Pneumatic tools excel in tough environments and boast exceptional durability. They deliver twice the power of electric tools in a compact size, showcasing their strength. YUEH-CHI prioritizes energy conservation through the use of clean and eco-friendly air power. This principle drives the development of robust pneumatic tools. Over 30 years, the company has obtained numerous patents, including the innovative Double Air Intake motor structure, which enhances energy efficiency and user convenience. Quality, service, and innovation lie at the heart of YUEH-CHI's corporate philosophy. Through continuous improvement, they provide superior, long-lasting, and tailored products in a competitive market. Looking ahead, YUEH-CHI aims to maintain resilience and make a global impact, mirroring the enduring brilliance of the Scorpio constellation.

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