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ESG Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:EPD
award 3

FineTek.is the only flowmeter manufacturer in Asia that has received certification from International Legal Metrology Organization (OIML). FineTek maintains the business philosophy of sustainable quality and environmental responsibility; the company has invested millions of US dollars to set up a national standard high-tech TAF certified water flow laboratory, recognized by the International Laboratory Certification Alliance (ILAC).
With electronic signature and event recording functions, authorized staff may adjust parameter settings or record warnings for abnormal events. Its measurement capability is the industry’s largest with a range ratio of 1:680, and its minimum flow measurement capability of 0.015m/s can detect low liquid flow, and can be integrated with a pressure sensor to detect abnormalities such as leakages
Functions with built-in non-flow detection, automatic zero-point verification, and abnormal flow alarm system. It is easy to use with no need for regular maintenance.


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Finetek is established in 1979, the largest manufacturer of measuring sensors such as level, flow, pressure, temperature, etc., in Taiwan, we provide total solutions for process automation applications.
We own subsidiaries and production plants in Taiwan, China, Singapore and USA, in order to build up the international operations, improve customer connection, upgrade product functions and business performance.
Last 5 years, we completed several milestones, successful go to IPO listed in OTC 2014, acquired German Muetec in 2016, R&D develop high-end technology products in 2018, we introduction of Industry 4.0, wireless transmission connection functions such as WIFI, Lora, 4G, and NBIOT to meet customer needs.
Our products can applied to many different industries, especially in Food & Beverage, Water treatment, Oil & Gas and etc. Our management concept is "Innovation & Change, Customer Satisfaction, and Benefit Sharing".


Brand Design: Fine refers to precision measurement, and Tek to technology. The double arrows of the company’s logo refer to the integration of sales and customer service, while providing the highest quality of automation solutions. Brand Vision: To focus on the management of FineTek’s own brand and increase the scope of certification. Using specific operating strategies suit each market sector by services. FineTek strives to be the world’s top 5 process automation sensor. Brand Development: With headquarters in Taiwan, FineTek aims to focus on overseas markets by establishing a global network and bringing the brand to the international market. Brand Promotion: Experienced marketing through overseas subsidiaries or distributors, with management by industry or region. 1. Schedule training & factory visiting for distributors. 2. Strengthen digital marketing 3. Share case study on industrial platforms 4. Participate global exhibition 5. Strengthened customer relationships