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Top-Down Airflow Auto Oven
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:ANWOL-4S-2A-A01
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This product is the "A(N)WOL series Top-Down Airflow Auto Oven" under "WEISUN". It is also the most low-carbon, digital and automatic model among the oven equipment currently used in the high-end substrate industry. It supports AGV and Industry 4.0 . And there are a number of low-carbon related technology patents and designs. Streamlined exterior design and painted glass that can be viewed inside, temperature uniformity of ±1.5°C (3°C in the industry), cooling efficiency of 6°C/min on average (4.5°C in the industry), and 60% recyclable materials in the whole machine Application, organic solvents that can be recycled up to 25%, and all 100% localized components except those specified by the manufacturer are all pioneers in the industry.


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WEISUN is a professional brand manufacturer of drying equipment for medium to high-end production processes. Our products include industrial 4.0 automation, dust-free and non-oxidizing, customized conveying ovens and software system...etc. widely used in semiconductors, ABF substrates, TFT-LCD, micro LED panels, composite materials... etc.
Since WEISUN established in 1976 and created its own brand in 2008. Our business philosophy is "quality, service and customer first" to provide solid solutions. Our services are from sales to installation, technical support, production process, and equipment relocation…etc. WEISUN not only design and manufacture customized ovens, but also maintain, upgrade and optimize the various ovens. The circular economy is one of our services, thus through the activation and recycling of old ovens to endow its innovative values, our customers can obtain the highest ROI.
With ESG wave, WEISUN will focus on green products, green production for being green company.


WEISUN was founded in 1976. It was initially positioned as an OEM manufacturer, specializing in manufacturing for large domestic drying equipment enterprises. After the financial turmoil in 2008, major enterprises moved westward. In terms of corporate sustainability, we decided to create our own brand "WEISUN" and regarded "customization" as our business orientation. we have experienced diverse challenges from different industries such as semiconductors, circuit boards, and panels…etc.; accumulating independent technology, R&D capabilities. We successfully developed our own brand. The 100% of equipment is produced in Taiwan and meet all kinds of professional drying production process, we value "customer satisfaction” . WEISUN core values are "integrity, accuracy, efficiency, and innovation". We provide customers with high-quality software and hardware integration solutions. Our brand vision is "world-class leading brand as intelligence, green energy, suitability in drying technology ".

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