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Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:20500152201
Solas Science & Engineering Co., Ltd.
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SHUANG SHUANG POT , According to Taiwan's cooking habits and space, the double-purpose pot is a big innovation, it is a soup pot and a frying pan! Natural non-stick, non-toxic and scratch-resistant, easy to store! The special double pot design is a soup pot and a frying pan. The detachable handle makes the cooking process not hot, and the storage is more flexible. It is suitable for steaming, roasting, frying, frying and stewing. The MIT high-quality pot is natural, non-toxic and chemical-free coating, scratch-resistant and heat-resistant. Your imagination of cooking! Cooking in one pot is time-saving and energy-saving, with excellent adhesion and no moisture loss! Enjoy delicious food, taste good life! Lightweight and easy to store, take it with you in a healthy way, flip the new fashion of LOHAS! One pot is worth ten thousand pots, good things come in pairs !


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About Solas Science & Engineering Co., Ltd.

Solas, founded by Dr. Solas Y.J. Lin in 1986, is now one of the best-known and trusted names in propellers for outboard/stern drive and impellers for personal watercraft / jet boats.
This success is due to the design excellence from team SOLAS as well as each employee’s pursuit of quality in every manufacturing process. SOLAS started in R&D and manufacturing iron teapot & iron cookware in 2012. Meanwhile SOLAS as known as “Taku ironware” in the tea culture market.


taku ironware was originated from a husband’s love towards his wife. Because of a doctor’s advice to Mrs. Lin, the founder, Dr. Solas Y. J. Lin, who owns a propeller business, started to study ironware. He could not find satisfying and well-made iron kettles and cookware anywhere; therefore, he devoted himself to “TAKU Ironware” with the goal of “making extremely clean and reliable cookware.” Therefore, with unique and excellent techniques, we check on each single details in production. Blending with the eastern sense of aesthetics, the outcome is not only with a much healthier diet, but also an unexpected gift with great taste. Beginning with the pursuit of health, accidently we have produced splendid sparkles with tasty tea and delicacies. Based on the sharing spirit with family and friends, we expect that the people’s common pursuit of taste can unite a new relationship among people. This is the core purpose of the reason why TAKU Ironware exists.