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Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:電動大客車-MODEL T
Foxtron Vehicle Technologies Co., Ltd.
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The technical solution of Foxtron Electric Bus combines domestic and international resources, each contributing its strengths:

1.It adopts Foxtron's self-developed VCU software, integrates and develops the EEA architecture for electric buses, and utilizes motors, batteries, and chassis suspension systems from international major manufacturers. In collaboration with domestic manufacturers, Foxtron designs and develops dedicated low-floor bus frames for chassis cooperation.

2.In the product design of electric buses, Foxtron identifies pain points in traditional buses and improves upon them. For example, traditional buses often have issues with rollover protection and numerous blind spots, as well as differential wheel rotation caused by wheelbase, leading to frequent traffic accidents due to visibility problems. To address these issues, Foxtron employs Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) and NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) analysis to verify the design of various systems and compone


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About Foxtron Vehicle Technologies Co., Ltd.

Foxtron Vehicle Technologies was established in 2020, as the sole company in Taiwan that covers vehicle design, engineering development and system validation capabilities, Foxtron continues the decades long experience and assets of Foxconn and Yulon Group in the electronics and automotive sectors. With hardware and software open platforms, working on technologies within the C.A.S.E. innovation segments, bring out the value of software-defined vehicles. Together with the open EV platform business model "from Taiwan to join hands with the world", moving domestic ICT and automobile industry towards internationalization, crafting the next-generation electric vehicle industry and ecosystem. 


Foxtron Vehicle Technologies Co., Lts. (Foxtron)is a joint venture between Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn) and Yulon Motor Co.,Ltd. (Yulon). Foxtron combines Foxconn's strong global market supply chain, system integration capabilities, and Yulon Group's expertise and experience in automotive research and development. Together, Foxtron is capable of providing the services including the EVopen platform for new energy vehicles, key subsystems, and technical services, aiming to offer a total solution to customers worldwide. The company logo takes inspiration from the letter "F" in FOXTRON, with a directional shape that symbolizes Foxtron continuous progress. The logo incorporates pixelated elements in its details, representing the integration of efforts among Foxtron, Foxconn, Yulon, customers, and suppliers. As we continue to grow, Foxtron remains committed to implementing ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) practices to contribute to a sustainable environment for a greener planet

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