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Non-contact three-dimensional floating elevator button (UFO touch)
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:DP-UFO-1202001
Darwin Precisions Corporation
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Amid growing health awareness, demand for contactless solutions in public areas has soared to curb virus spread. Darwin Precision developed the Non-contact 3D Elevator Floating Button(UFOTouch) with a focus on touchless control and floating image. The graphics float 1.5-2 cm in front of the button, creating an innovative feel. Along with an IR sensor, users can input to the elevator system by simply touching the floating graphics. This minimizes the need for button cleaning, enhances public hygiene, extends button lifespan and combines the intuitiveness of traditional buttons with the advantages of touchless ones. It also addresses problems like insufficient sensitivity and accidental multi-button activation found in traditional IR touchless buttons.


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About Darwin Precisions Corporation

Darwin Precisions Corporation was founded in 1989. DPC has focused on the field of display industry. In order to Accelerating development , in 2014 DPC merged with BriView Corporation to integrate supply chains. This included light guide plate, precision manufacture and molds, backlight modules, as well as the services for TV products, becoming the industry's leading manufacturer . DPC specializes in backlight products including TVs, monitors, NB , and car displays, and so forth. In order to strengthen competitive advantages, DPC have established assembly panel modules lines, becoming one of the world's top three backlight module design and manufacturing companies.

We hold a number of Invention patents in Taiwan, Europe, America, and Japan . We consider product quality and environmental protection. We get ISO9001 ,TS16949, QC080000, ISO 14001, ISO45001 and CNS45001 certifications .

We impose "discipline, quality, and efficiency" and work hard to meet the challenges in the future.


Darwin Precisions, centered on innovation, quality, and service, recognizes the transformative power of technology. The UFOTouch Elevator Floating Button epitomizes our mission to merge technology with human needs. This innovative product, incorporating floating image and touchless control, addresses growing hygiene concerns by reducing elevator button contact. UFOTouch is a testament to our innovative prowess and our commitment to public health. The essence of our brand is adapting innovatively to a changing world, with a focus on crafting a safer, better future. UFOTouch symbolizes this spirit and our promise for continued industry leadership, exploration of new tech fields, and superior product delivery. At Darwin Precisions, we begin with people in mind, striving to bring technology, innovation, comfort, and health to the world. With you at the start, we envision a brighter future.