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UDI H1 Steam Sterilizer and Dryer
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:S606F / S606G / S606H
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UDI H1 has a simple look that blends into the decor, be it the kitchen or the bedroom. The patented water-pouring corner saves the hassle of removing the basket. The 360° Cyclo-steam sterilization kills 99.9% of germs in 7 minutes. It is ultra silent in the bedroom as it works more quietly than a normal conversation. With the omnidirectional hot air, the cycle finishes by leaving the bottles dry inside which prevents bacteria growth.

UDI H1 is intuitively designed, the icon buttons with a compact status light as a universal language. With the non-directional lid, small basket and main basket, no alignment is required to piece them together. The parent can easily set up the auto mode without the user manual, and batch sterilize bottles before bedtime in order to prepare for the feeding sessions ahead. It saves more space than round containers. The ultra capacious interior fits 9 full-size bottles. It optimizes the performance of sterilization and drying while saving time and energy.


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Simba, the world’s top feeding bottle maker. Sonison Baby Products was founded in 1993. We constantly put emphasis on using premium materials for the baby, ensuring 100% MIT products, functionality in harmony with aesthetics, and heartwarming customer care. We know exactly what new parents would need, having been honored with numerous Mombaby Awards for 5 consecutive years and 4 LBP Awards recently.

6 reasons why everyone loves Simba products:
1.We mean it by “100% made in Taiwan.”
2.Strictly tested to meet the highest standards of safety & quality; SGS certified, BPA & BPS-free.
3.Amazing customer service team who takes care of the after-sales support & customers with inquiries into motherhood.
4.Widely used in over 70% of Taiwan’s newborn nurseries at large hospitals & postnatal care centers.
5.Active on social media; top share of voice on Facebook for 6 consecutive years since 2016.
6.Daring design; works of art that are high-quality, affordable, practical & astonishing.


"Giving Baby the Best Start." It all started with the matter of making baby bottles from the very beginning, but doing it differently. We stand with parents-to-be for many years, both safety and quality are our top priorities. With 30 years' experience in bottle making, our advanced technology in mommy-baby products and collaboration with children's hospitals and nursery rooms, have eventually led us to come up with the works of art that are high-quality, affordable, practical and astonishing. Daring to break the rules to push the limits of imagination, the logo was inspired by the brand name SIMBA abbreviated as SB, having the Roman columns at the heart of the concept, to represent home with a stable foundation that provides shelter and protection. Putting emphasis on the balance between aesthetics and functionality, conveying a lifestyle where its actual meaning lies in the beauty of harmony, "Less is More" - the logo symbolizes new life, fearlessness and sustainability.