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Full LED Headlights for 2005-2011 Porsche 911 997
Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:520-PS001
Coplus Inc.
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In the river of time, The "Star Pulse" Full LED Luxury Sports Car Headlights are specifically designed for the Porsche 997, a classic model that has accompanied us for over a decade. With the design as if igniting the traces of bygone years and reshaping the realm of classics and modernity.

Inspired by the latest generation of Porsche 992 headlights, the "Star Pulse" features the brand's iconic daytime running light design. Four daytime running lights encircle the Bi-LED projector, resembling orbiting planets, while the central LED projector emits a stable and powerful beam like pulsating stars.

Not only does it breathe new life into the Porsche 997, but it also pays homage to the past and future, transcending generations. It traverses time and space, connecting the realms of classic and modern, retro and futuristic. It guides you like guiding stars, illuminating your path forward, enabling you to forge ahead even in darkness, weaving a magnificent chapter entwined with time.


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About Coplus Inc.

COPLUS, adhering to the business philosophy of "Innovation, Quality, Humility, and Dedication," rooted in the automotive aftermarket industry for over 30 years. In 1998, we ventured into the production line of automotive headlights, establishing a solid foundation for the company. Recognizing the future trend of full LED lightings, we initiated projects for full LED performance lightings in 2008.

Under the COPLUS brand, driven by "Passion and Excellence in Everything We Create!", we deliver innovative designs, impressive functionality, and outstanding performance. Our products hold high-quality and safety certifications, including ISO9001 and TS16949, and regulatory certifications like DOT/ECE/CCC. With over 660 patents worldwide, our products are praised and exported globally. As a member of SEMA, we attract customers from around the world. COPLUS remains committed to providing a "Better Version & Better Vision," creating high-quality, and practical products prioritizing safety.


COPLUS committed to the design and research of performance lighting parts, and cooperated with Germany Osram to develop full LED high-end performance lighting, and successfully developed two-in-one fog lights and daytime running lights for OES market in Europe. With the insistence of focus and perfection, Established COPLUS Inc.. with the performace lighting technology team with rich experience in AM and OEM car manufacturers. The president upholds the spirit of long-term business development and corporate social responsibility. The English name of the company is named "COPLUS", which is derived from "Cooperation" & "Plus", which means 1+1 is greater than 2, which means COPLUS, the supplier chain, customer relationship, work team and business partners all have the intention of cooperating to create a better future.

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