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OF-06 Overprintable Hot Stamping Film
Industry type:Fashion
Product model number:OF-06
Univacco Technology Inc.
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As a leading manufacturer of hot stamping film, Univacco released the over-printable hot stamping product OF-06.

OF-06 can make the ink adhere to the hot stamping surface, so that it can be printed after stamping, creating a metallic effect with richer color levels. OF-06 is also designed to be effective on rough papers to deliver comprehensive performance, due to the unique glue which interlaced porosity and resin particles completely. This expands the possibilities of hot stamping designs.

Typical product applications for OF-06 include wine, daily products, and food packaging. OF-06 is safe and hazard-free, complies with 11 different packaging, food contact safety, and consumer product packaging regulations since 2021.
It is a optimal option for brands seeking recyclable and reusable packaging solutions. After decomposition, substrates decorated by OF-06 leave no toxic residues nor show any negative effects on the environment.


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About Univacco Technology Inc.

Univacco was established in 1990, with headquarters located in the Madou District of Tainan, Taiwan. Specializing in vacuum metalizing and coating technologies, the company strives to create the best quality foils and films to meet the needs of both customers and the market at large, using the UNIVACCO brand to establish a leadership position in Asia and the rest of the world. Their core competencies in research and development and product manufacturing are conducted primarily in Taiwan, but they have six branch offices, 16 exclusive distributors, and more than sixty authorized distributors in 70 countries throughout the world. Build on a culture of Sincerity, Trustworthiness, Appreciation, Gratification, Univacco has experienced sustainable growth by continuously providing customers quality foils that meet their needs, thereby becoming the leading producer of stamping foils in the world.


In 1990, Kuo-lung Tsai based on his specialty of chemistry formula in decorative and functional coatings, returned to his home town in Tainan, Taiwan to start the business. Univacco Technology Inc. markets hot stamping and cold foil products to the graphic printing industry worldwide under its brand name UNIVACCO. The UNIVACCO brand name is derived from UNIVACCO’s UNIque VACuum COating process, emphasizing core in-house technologies that have enabled it to become an industry leader. UNIVACCO highly values quality in the production of its foils and has the goal of supplying consistent, visually-appealing products that add value to their customers’ products. With the symbol of the rainbow, UNIVACCO manifests that the decorative foils we make add color to our daily lives. We also expect ourselves be creative, continuously making beautiful things.