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Eco-Friendly Room Darkening Venetian Blind
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:CF-rPET-VB-001
award 3

This product is designed with a focus on environmental sustainability and safety. It is at the forefront of the global market, utilizing an innovative three-layer structure and rPET, an eco-friendly material, for the slats of venetian blinds that can be reused. It incorporates a patented safety protection pull cord system to eliminate the risk of children getting entangled, ensuring their safety. The creative combination of slats in different colors provides a visually impactful experience, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction and perceived value. It is an innovative product that aligns with the global goal of achieving carbon neutrality.

Furthermore, this product fully complies with the safety regulations set forth by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. In 2023, it obtained verification from BUREAU VERITAS, an international certification organization, for its safety and light-blocking capabilities. Additionally, it has received RCS certification from Intertek.


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Ching Feng Co. was established in 1974 and specializes in the production of various window blinds and blankets. It is the largest supplier of window blinds to Lowe's, and a key window blind partner for renowned furniture retailer Ikea in Asia. Ching Feng Co. has been dedicated to improving and innovating window blinds, with a strong focus on developing safer products. It has strategically secured patents in countries including USA, China, Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Germany, accumulating over a hundred patents related to window blinds. As an innovation-driven company, Ching Feng Home Fashions has repeatedly received honors as the best supplier from clients such as Lowe's, IKEA, and Walmart. It has also received financial support from the Ministry of Economic Affairs for its A+ Enterprise Innovation and R&D Enhancement Program. In 2021, the company was further recognized with the Potential Mid-Cap Business Award and other accolades from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.


The original intention behind the "Ching Feng" brand was to envision the company's continuous growth and prosperity. The circular design of logo stems from the concept of globalization. The interior of logo is composed of parallel horizontal stripes that represent blinds. It aims to fulfill all customer needs and expectations regarding blinds. The blue-green background of the logo, representing the company's commitment to environmental protection and sustainability. The horizontal stripes in the logo feature a gradient of gold and white, representing the rock-solid quality, safety, reliability, and trustworthiness of the company's products. With a focus on "data management, continuous improvement, innovative thinking, and enjoying life". It empowers blinds with more possibilities in terms of usage, applications, functionality, and design, ultimately leading to a better quality of life. " INNOVATION GIVES A NEW RESPONSIBILITY TO THE BLIND IN SAFETY AND SUSTAINABILITY."

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