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Commercial Vehicle AI Solution
Industry type:PC and software
Product model number:EMV400S ODF-N
award 3

Technical highlights:
No 1. Integration System platforms
The fleet management system (Xfleet) is implanted in large vehicles, which can monitor the vehicle location at all times through the cloud platform and GPS, effectively optimizes the delivery route for the retailers, and reduce the cost of fuel consumption.

1. Improve the efficiency of dispatch
2. Stay on top of the situations of vehicles
3. Accelerate the working schedule
4. Enhance the safety of goods
5. Reduce the cost of fuel consumption
6. Increase productivity

No 2 Integration of driving recorder and ADAS system
EverFocus combined with ADAS and AI image recognition technology. Through high-definition image cameras, composite vehicle system hosts, and digital driving recorders, drivers of commercial vehicles can have good driving habits and avoid speeding-caused accidents. This product is light and easy to install in the vehicle.


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Founded in 1995, headquartered in New Taipei City, Taiwan, with subsidiaries in the United States, Japan and China. EverFocus manufactures Industrial PC, CCTV, as well as Mobile DVR. Within two years, it has successively become Intel IPA gold members, NVIDIA Preferred Partner, and many products have won Microsoft Azure service certification. Its industrial computer products have won Taiwan Excellence and COMPUTEX d&i Award honors, which can be regarded as the most watched dark horse in the global IPC industry .
EverFocus provides various solutions to help customers secure their working environments. For instance, smart transportation, smart building, as well as smart surveillance, which could be applied to multiple vertical markets, such as commercial fleet, shopping malls, campus and so on.


Your Safety, Our Focus. 1/4 of century, 25 years or 9000 days: that is how long EverFocus has been a loyal partner of yours. Despite rapid evolution of technology, waves of new products, and harsh rivalry amid competitors, EverFocus is always here. Regardless all the ups and downs, EverFocus remains reliable and keeps its unceasing pursuit of quality products and services. For the next 25 years, we invite you to witness more glorious moments together with EverFocus.