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SmileAlign Orthodontic Aligner System
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:PGC / TPU Type
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The information related to this product could not be shown due to medical law, please contact the company directly for more information.


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3D Biotech was a spin-off from Taipei Medical University's "RESEARCH CENTER FOR BIOMEDICAL DEVICES AND PROTOTYPING PRODUCTION" , that is committed to develop an innovative and pioneering technology platform for human organ reconstruction. Our aims to create state of the art and customized medical devices while fulfilling its mission of professional research, caring services, respect for life, and giving back to society.
Building excellet technology to change lives—Our mission is to stay at the forefront of innovation and research, and to transform biomedical technology into medical products, thus developing a global healthcare platform and medical technology services to enhance the quality of the life.
The medical services for improving the quality of life for medical workers and patients—our goal is not only to alleviate patient discomfort during treatment and increase their trust but also to enable medical workers to reduce operation time and streamline processes.


The advancement of dental technology has raised people's expectations for their teeth. Besides sloving dental problems, there is also a desire to improve the appearance and boost confidence. From preliminary research to its current market promotion, we strives to provide services that best align with the medical process. Through the interaction between medical workers and patients, Dailymate not only resolves dental alignment issues for each user but also fosters a good quality of life between doctors and patients. Throughout the lengthy treatment process, Dailymate stands as a companion for both parties. We look forward to every person who experiences Dailymate, showcasing not just a smile on their face but one that emanates from within. With such expectations, Dailymate aspires to expand its onto the global.

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