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AORUS X7 DT Extreme Gaming Laptop
Industry type:PC and software
Product model number:AORUS X7 DT
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17” VR-Ready Gaming Laptop with Desktop Performance
AORUS X7 DT features overclock Intel processor with NVIDIA GTX 1080 graphic, the most powerful graphic across PCs and laptops. With the increase of more demanding game titles and VR applications, AORUS continues to provide stunning performance in a portable chassis that gamers can actually carry. This makes the X7 DT the optimal choice for mobile VR and gaming.

Amazing Display for Game and Entertainment
The X7 DT is one of the 1st gaming laptop to ever feature a 120Hz/5ms ultra-fast display in QHD resolution. The innovative display has double the refresh rate of the standard 60Hz display on most gaming laptops, providing super smooth and stutter-free image. The ultra-high refresh rate is a must, especially for the hardcore competitive FPS and racing game players.

Fully-Customizable Keyboard with Per-Key Backlight in 16.8 Million Colors.
The keyboard is the key to great gaming experience. The X7 DT features the RGB Fusion Keyboard, providing per-key backlight in 16.8 million colors. Each and every key can be customized to a different color, or even animated effects like rainbow waves and ripples. It’s also fully-programmable with macro, allowing gamers to set to their preferred action and aesthetics.

The 1st Laptop designed for Game Streamers
While most laptops only focus on the performance, AORUS is the 1st to aim for the popular streaming community with both hardware and software innovation. X7 DT features the exclusive Live Stream Engine, an encoder chip designed for streaming, allowing gamers to stream without compromising performance from the extra workload. AORUS also comes with SmartCam, an auto background removal software to save the streamers from dealing with green screens. Together with the included professional streaming software from XSplit, gamers can enjoy the most complete out-of-the-box streaming experience.


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