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Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:E-ONZE
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With increasing sales of e-bike in Europe & America, bicycle riding presents new trend in mountain biking. However, the potential risk of e-MTB drive system with mid-drive motor usually generates high-torque output which frequently shortens bicycle chain life while riding in bumpy woodlands.

e-ONZE is perfect match for 11-speed e-MTB. From safety, easy-to-operate, sustainability features to two- layered color coatings generate high-quality chains.

Product side:
A. Safety
1. TAYA’s exclusive self-lubricated hardness treatment applies on joint component- pin to strengthen the hardness over HV1800, 30% harder than average HV1400-1200 in the market.
2. The strength of alloy steel chain is up to 1,020kgf, 10% more durable than ISO regulation 920kgf.
3. With patented Internal Bridge between plates, it creates more space for low friction & slick shifting.

1.TAYA GST chains have been approved for over 500 hours in SST test, and up to 1,000 hours. Cyclists can easily rinse chains without rust concern.
2.TAYA patented double pins structure- Sigma Connector, is the only non-tool required connector providing regular maintenance or urgent on-site replacement for all riders.

Marketing side:
1.TAYA exclusive GST plating is the world’s first anti-rust chain made with zero-toxic metals. Without toxic Dacromet surface treatment, GST chains are EU green standard (RoHS, REACH, and CPSIA) compliant.
2.Unlike single package, TAYA 30 meter roll package contains 20-22 normal chains length inside without over-package issue. Customers can cut chain length freely upon the real demand without wasting links.

D.Show your true color!
1.Cyclists always focus on eye-catching accessories. Upbeat Color Coating has more than 15 color options, which offers fresh visual experience.
2.Brand value is linked with fashion element. Traveler Series color painting delivers“Open up your mind and learn the cultural diversity”, and explore Fun profound TAYA spirit!


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TAYA Chain is a dedicated chain brand with a variety of bike chains and motorcycle chains. With leading tech and green awareness, chains are available worldwide. From the production line to quality assurance, we have invested 16 million US dollars in research and development in the last decade.
With more than 100 patented product designs worldwide and GST anti-rust treatment, we’re confident in bringing the manufacturing process to the auto industry level for high-end bike parts and components.


1 Min Overview about TAYA Chain: A. 2nd Taiwan Excellence High Quality Product Award. Since 1969, TAYA is the most long-standing bicycle chain brand in Taiwan. B. The world’s first anti-rust chain made with zero toxic metal debuted in 2006, winning iF design Eurobike Award and raising green awareness to public. C. GM Motor R QA certificated high-end surface treatment division, these unique tech are not only on bike chains but on crucial bike parts. D.「Adventure X Enjoy Life」is our brand spirit, encouraging people to embrace the beauty of cycling.

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