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TronSport Bike
Industry type:Recreation and sports
Product model number:TCV-T600
award 3

The product is designed to perfectly provide the development of balance, confidence, improve muscle tone and promotes learning and co-ordination skills. During kids riding, learning at their own comfort level how to balance and control body motion and handle emergency situation; furthermore, training their own capacity for independent thinking.
The design of quick-release stepless adjustable seat and handlebars perfectly fit children in ages. With the enjoyment of speed and learning balance, help children easier transition to pedal bikes. Foam seat provides comfort even during long period kid riding. Air inflated tires designed for good shock-absorbing and encapsulated ball bearing designed to reduce noise, vibration and improve the sound as sliding for more pleasure. TCV’s DNA – “Spokeless Wheels” designed to not only perfectly harmless during kid riding but with clean-cut and fashion look. Special hidden valve inside wheel cover and no tip parts design, the product is a clean and smooth look. Integrate the features of sports car concept and U-tude frame design, the product produced by one-piece seamless technique to show the smooth, round and clean-cut look; furthermore, improve the product strong, durable and safety. Iron made alloy body designed to perfectly improve riding and handling stability, and the max. load is 35Kg.
The TCV design is the integration of EU parenting philosophy, aesthetics concept and needs of parents and children perfectly provide pleasure during kid riding and good product EZ assembly, good to carry and housing carefree. Each material and parts are good for recycle and eco-friendly. The product is iron made alloy body with green plastic; toxin free, good durability and long service life time, we are the member of green earth to reduce resource-wasting.



TCV Industrial was founded in 1977 as a manufacturer of automobile and motorcycle parts. In 1982, with the aim to fulfill the dreams of creating a more enjoyable vehicle for children, TCV introduced the first battery-operated vehicles. Since then, children from the entire world have enjoyed TCV’s products. To create even more dreams for our children as well as enhance the product lines, during the years 1999 and 2002, TCV introduced the new products lines, Baby Walker, Baby Appliances and Tricycles. TCV is currently one of the leading manufacturers for children and baby products in the world. With 38 years of experience and commitment in quality and design, we are constantly improving our products to the consumers. TCV has been and will continue to be committed to making quality products for people around the world.


Founded in 1977, TCV has almost 40 years of experience and reputations in manufacturing and sales of automobile and motorcycle parts. It has been famous for its professional and specialized plastic injection skills in production. Since 1982, investing on research and development for high-performance real-car-like toy vehicles, TCV president led the company to start focusing on “creation for more fun on toy cars” and successfully made its first battery-driven toy car. Afterwards, the business development was expending gradually to cover series products of electronic ride-on, baby walker, tricycle, baby appliance , by which the brand “TCV” has successfully penetrated over 68 countries; the brand “JODANI” is also remarkable in Taiwan which is deeply recognized in users’ mind. It is TCV’s responsibility to equip itself with professional manufacturing experience and producing skills, so develop new quality products to help provide growing-up environment and create happy childhood.