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EQUS Class B Vacuum Autoclave
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:TEV-17/ TMV-17/ INC-17
award 3

TEV-17 is the first touch panel microcomputer steam sterilizer being manufactured in Taiwan. It not only equipped with the latest 4.3 inch touch panel technology, but also passed the European class B sterilizer certification and EU RohS 2.0 standards. Utilizing a great built-in vacuum pump, TEV-17 ensures the perfect sterilization performance within 15minutes by Fast sterilization cycle.
(A) User Friendly: With 6 built-in cycle options, users are able to select the needed cycle by tapping the corresponding icons on the touch-screen. Plus, the system offers the real-time monitoring which reveals real-time values for relative parameters; users can tell the current cycle status through the paragraph data on the screen clearly. Also, it is able to check the latest 10 cycle records directly on the screen. The color touch screen and clear menu structure offer users a faster, simpler and more convenient way to operate TEV-17.
(B) Class B Performance: TEV-17 adapts the independent steam generator, special-constructed cooler system and the precise heat control technology, it is able to fulfill sterilization cycles continuously and finish the fast sterilization cycle within 15 minutes only. Possessed lots of European certifications, TEV-17 requests not only the shortest sterilization time but also the accuracy of sterilization performance and the user safety during operation.
(C)Eco- Friendly: TEV-17 is the first unit which qualified with the standard of EU RohS 2.0. With a built-in steam generator, the pure water in the tank would evaporate into steam completely; and it would only cost 50% less water than other types of sterilizer. Also, considering of energy saving, users can minimize the power consumption by using the sleep mode while not operating. Furthermore, TEV-17’s weight is 22% less than competitors’ by considering saving human resource. With the unique lightweight design, the installation and maintenance could be fulfilled by single technician.
(D)Innovative Research & Development: TEV-17 “Dental Mode” is specifically designed for dental clinic. Utilizing the precise heating technology, TEV-17 can avoid heat damage of dental handpiece by controlling the temperature difference within ±0.3 (No more than 135℃) during the whole sterilization especially heating and sterilizing phase. Moreover, the outstanding internal control system can be used for temperature, pressure, and atmospheric pressure adjustment. It can not only meet the requirements of different altitude countries but also enhance the efficiency of medical institutions due to fulfill sterilization cycles continuously.
(E)Easy Maintenance: With the thoughtful reminding function of water mineral quality test, water tank cleaning, door gasket cleaning, air filter replacement and drainage valve replacement, TEV-17 helps users to keep good maintenance habits and reduce the risk of malfunction. In addition, TEV-17 equipped with the Error Detect System. Once any malfunction occurs, users are able to tell the possible problem clearly. And the Quick Tube Connections system for water draining on the front of the sterilizer simplifies weekly maintenance and ensures the water quality in the tank. With a view to making inspection and maintenance easier, TEV-17 makes use of modular design. It will be much simpler for technicians to accomplish these services for customers.



Tex Year application division is concentrate to develop the equipment of heating. In the beginning, we develop the product about binding application like glue guns and hot melting adhesive machine. We want to offer our clients total solution about binding. Then we expand the business field to office product – laminator. The result to focus on design make us becomes the famous laminator OEM Company in Taiwan. But the paperless revolution makes the laminator market shrink in these few years. Thus, we reallocate our business resource in medical device in 2010. After lots of information collection and discussion inside, autoclave become our new product in this new filed. We got the ISO 13485 and CE mark after we construct the RD team. Focus on consumer needs is our core value to realize the new sterilization cycle. In the future, we will combine the new sterilization technology to develop all series products.


EQUS is an autoclave sterilizer manufacturer and provider of sterilization packaging and instrument detergent for medical device use. We provider infection control solutions for hospital tender, dental practitioner, cosmetic/plastic surgery and nail/spa shop sterilization. Common to all these diverse applications is the medical special care and barrier they demand. We are core to be the most trusted resource in the sterilization market, dedicated to the advancement and expert technical service and support of our clients and suppliers.