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Belle Vision Color Contact Lens
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:日拋彩片
Yung Sheng Optical Co., Ltd.
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Comfort, Fashion, and Masstige are the core values of innovation of "Belle Vision Color Contact Lens".
1. Comfort: With advanced Bio-Molecule Wrap 3D Technology and FDA approved color additives, Belle Vision Color Contact Lens ensures you clear and safe vision.
a. No color additives peeling off: with our unique formula and manufacturing methods, the color additives are wrapped by HEMA. This technique ensures the color additives will not leach out and provide wearing comfort.
b. Sophisticated pad printing machine: Our sophisticated pad printing machine prints patterns in the female mold, so that the color will not contact the eyes directly, ensuring a high level of sharpness and visual accuracy.
c. Smooth surface: we produce our color lens through a filling and thermal process. Compared to the traditional Sandwich method, our lens has a flat surface and will not be cracked easily.
2. Fashion: A lens design team launches new products meeting the current trend every quarter.
a. Based on the concept of fashion and elegance, the Belle Vision Color Contant Lens was designed in a more patterned variations.
b. There are two tones of the pattern design of the butterfly and addict series which provide customers more permutation and combination to have choices.
3. Masstige: Our products are definitely premium but attainable.
a. The cost of butterfly, assict and lace series are 100 NTD for 6 pieces, respectively.
b. There are some preferential treatments of buying lens aperiodically.


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About Yung Sheng Optical Co., Ltd.

Yung Sheng Optical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011. Its major businesses are the manufacturing and sales of soft contact lenses and lens care products. With its innovative R&D team, advanced manufacturing facilities and professional marketing and sales group, Yung Sheng has received the following ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2016 certification, Japan’s FMA (Foreign Manufacturer Accreditation), European CE, Korea GMP and Taiwan GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), all of which has aided our expansion in the global market.


Ginko International Co., Ltd. was set up in June 2007. Its primary businesses involve the manufacturing and sales of contact lenses, including conventional contact lenses, disposable contact lenses and lens care products. In 1995, Ginko acquired the reputable company Hydron U.S. and established Hydron Contact Lens Co. Ltd.-the first contact lens manufacturer in China. In late 2010, Ginko merged Yung Sheng Optics, set up the around 10,000 square meters modern new manufacturing platform in Central Taiwan Science Park and stepped even closer to the international market, further strengthening its strategic position in the Asia and in the world. Meanwhile, it made a strategic decision to promote the products by using “Hydron” as the brand name in China as well as in Taiwan. Now, the market research indicated that “Hydron” has gained trust from consumers by providing high-quality, safe and competitively priced products.