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HUMIDOFLO Nasal High Flow Oxygen Therapy System
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:HF2900/HF2900D
award 3

HUMIDOFLO represents a new era of respiratory care. The high flow delivery of Oxygen and humidity can dramatically increase the tracheal humidity and temperature, meanwhile providing a better transport for mucociliary clearance.
Compare to traditional mask type Oxygen therapy, HUMIDOFLO applies nasal cannula, which is more comfortable and acceptable among patients. In recent years, many research pointed out that the success rate of NHFT curing COPD patients is 20% higher than traditional facial mask oxygen therapy,
more good features as below,

1.Delivery up to 100% Oxygen for reversal of hypoxemia,
2.Heated & moisturized oxygen to improve secretion clearance,
3.Maximum flow rate up to 50 LPM to provide a positive airway pressure and wash out dead space in upper airway.
4. Patent designed nasal prong improved patient tolerance/comfortable , and unhindered feeding / speaking, without problem of face mask.

The HUMIDOFLO will become new trend of ventilation.



Great Group Medical was established in 1996 by a strong team of biomedical engineers. GGM provides both passive and active solutions of humidification for ventilator dependent patients.
Our products includes all ranges of humidifier, humidifier chamber, heater wire circuits, HME/FHME, Infant bubble CPAP, and a wide variety of ventilation accessories.
Also, GGM is one of the pioneers in the world to develop High Flow Nasal Therapy System which provides a more comfortable and effective treatment for respiratory patients. Our HFT system is widely used among COPD patients, postoperative recovery, long-term care, and emergency department.
GGM is qualified by international certify authorities including: FDA Listing, ISO13485, GMP, JPAL & CE.
In 2013, we moved into our new production plant with 4000 m² space in honor to provide a better service. GGM will continue to grow by providing high quality and innovative products to benefit patients and medical staff around the world.


Imagine this scenario: you’re standing in front of ICU, doctors are trying to rescue your beloved one. The only way to save her is to sign her incubation agreement. But possibly, she would never live freely without ventilators.Would you sign it? Or wouldn't you ? People shouldn’t be facing such cruel decisions. What if, GGM could design a life-rescuing machine that doesn’t required incubation, patients during therapy can eat, drink and talk like common people? 3 years later, HUMIDOFLO, our Nasal High Flow Therapy System was born. It is an innovative therapy delivering high flow Humidified Oxygen through a special designed nasal cannula. NHFT is widely used among pediatric and neonate. Research shows that it could reduce 50.7% of unnecessary incubation among adults. It is comfortable, easy, and suitable for age from 0-99. NHFT can cover remedies from emergency, hospital to long term home care. GGM believes that, in the future, this innovative product will benefit all patients.