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Elecrtic Winch
Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:Seal Gen2 9.5i/9.5si/9.5rsi
award 3

‧ 12V DC severe duty winch rated at 9,500 lb pulling meets or exceeds your expectations.
‧ Heavy duty series wound motor equipped with thermal switch alters when motor over-heating.
‧ Submersible Sealed Contactor: The heavy-duty sealed contactor with silver-alloy contact pads, thick copper buss bars and submersible construction ensures weather resistant. It handles high amps and allows higher duty cycle. The industrial grade contactor is durable, reliable, and high performance.
‧ New Intelligence Dashboard (IDB) functions:
- Vehicle Battery Life : The IDB displays the battery condition of your vehicle
- Cable IN/OUT Direction Indicators: The green triangle icons on the IDB will light sequentially to indicate the rope winding direction. The green triangles will turn to red triangles if the motor is over-heating.
- Thermal Protection: The flashing red temperature icon warning on the IDB indicates the motor is over-heating.
- Wireless Signal Icon: The IDB includes a blue wireless signal icon that is continuously illuminated to confirm the wireless remote is paired with the winch. (only Seal.Gen2 9.5rsi)
‧ Cutout switch activates or deactivates the winch.
‧ Water-proof remote control with thermometric LED indicator w/5 m cord
‧ Tough aluminum die cast housings withstand strength of 2.0 x rated load of winch
‧ 16 equally positioned pin holes with a stainless steel ergonomic T-handle make it possible to reposition in 22.5 degree increments.
‧ A 12 strand construction synthetic rope coated to improve abrasion and has no water absorption
‧ The U.S. Germany, U.K. France, etc patented mechanical cone brake outside the drum expedites heat dispersion. The greater the load on the rope, the greater amount of braking is generated by the mechanism.
‧ Meet SAE J706, CE Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and CE Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EC.



Founded in 1975 by S.J. Huang, as Chuan Phang Ent. Co. Ltd. It began the sales and manufacture of electric winches in a pioneering facility. Chuan Phang specialized in full production of a wide range of electric winches with lifting capacities of 80 - 5,000 kg throughout 1980s. Chuan Phang branding quickly became the markets leading brand.
COMEUP introduced more products to the winch market and also extended products to four main categories: Automotive, Powersports, Industrial and AC Winch. COMEUP products, providing firm lifting and pulling capability, have been enabling customers in various industries to perform profound operations in the construction, utility, energy and recovery markets. COMEUP products are widely trusted and proven by winching professionals and have established win-win relationships with many strategic partners. COMEUP offers consumers worldwide the most reliable, high performance winching products.


Since the first AC winch with the brand name of “COME-UP” in 1975, COMEUP with its 100% self-owned brand name has made its mark in the global marketplace for 41 years. COMEUP has registered for trademark protection in 37countries and regions globally. COMEUP winches reputation for quality, durability and innovative engineering won it the selection for use by Artic Truck in Polar expeditions to both the South and the North Poles. The expedition to the North Pole was captured on film by the popular international television program “Top Gear”. This honor has given COMEUP winches the distinction of being the only winch to take a driven vehicle to both the North and South Poles, traversing the most hostile and rugged terrains on the face of the Earth. In 2010, COMEUP announced the brands new COMEUP logo with " Work Tough, Play Tough" slogan to promote its product portfolio of Smart and Tough winches to customers with continued leadership in design, innovation and quality.