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Contactless Induction Ignition Safety Valve
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:A60
Alpha Brass Controls Inc.
award 3

The innovation embedded inductive switch replaces the traditional switch to overcome the life cycle problem. Its automatic ignition improves the inconvenient on ignition action for end users.
Inductive ignition safety valve overcomes the difficulties on product volume, installation, life cycles on ignition device of safety valve. This innovation mechanism design changes the use habits and cognition for last 20 years in this industry.


About Alpha Brass Controls Inc.

Established in 1989, Alpha Brass Controls Inc.(ABC) is dedicated to the manufacture and sale of safety valves for commercial cooking appliances. By our professional manufacturing strength, the products of ABC are supported by multiple international certified quality systems.
Together with breakthrough development and combining industry resources, ABC is committed itself to the “Beauty”, “Benefit”, and “Good” industry of green energy.
Our global sales networks cover from Europe, USA, and China. In 2015, by planning intelligent production and automation process equipment, we have established a solid global business and strong customer relationship. From production to after sales service, we offer best product, technical consultation, and customization services to our customer. To fulfilling customers’ requirements, we have implement ISO9001 standard quality control measures. Our products meet with CSA, CE, AGA and UL international safety certification.

Alpha Brass Controls Inc. is dedicated to the manufacture of safety valves. By virtue of professional precision technology, we expand our business globally. In English, the noun "alpha" is used as a synonym for "beginning", or "first", it also represent our business growing, and reflect our core value since our inception. We believe in humble and modesty, facing challenge of each stage. Our symbol mark united “Alpha Brass Controls”, use abc as brand identity, two stream of uplifting beams represent the characteristic of our product, transforming gas into energy. It also stands for a harmonious and united family as a whole company. Alpha Brass Controls Inc. is looking forward to a progressive and sustainable future with our refined and diversified product range.

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