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i-Ctrl Wi-Fi remote control
Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:i-Ctrl 1 / i-Ctrl 2
award 3

i-Ctrl integrates home appliances through the Wi-Fi link and then controls a wide range of home appliances based on the superior AIFA remote technology. i-Ctrl’s unique advantage over other similar products in the market is that i-Ctrl is developed based on twenty years of cognitive and professional experience which AIFA possesses in the field of home appliance control.

Almost all electronic products can be integrated and controlled through i-Ctrl by a smartphone. First, download the APP program to your smartphone, and then remotely command i-Ctrl through internet to send infrared signals to operate the electrical products at home. Control box of the i-Ctrl sends signal in 360 degree direction also with up to 180 degrees elevated angle and thus the control box can operate all the home appliances within eight meters in the same space. i-Ctrl allows you to control your electronic appliances anywhere and anytime through internet.

i-Ctrl can also integrate with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to activate voice control. It is a simple and affordable way to enjoy a high-tech lifestyle.


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AIFA Technology Corp. is a leading company of Taiwan specialized in the design and manufacture of remote controls with developing and designing strengths. For more than twenty years, we have been entrusted with the production of remote controls by various international well-known companies. Our remote controls cover television, air conditioner and other home appliances. We have provided our customers with massive code database support, professional IC design, Wi-Fi module design and high-quality after-sales services. AIFA develops not only OEM products but also our private brand electronics products. Moreover, AIFA never stops the pace of innovation and steps into the field of developing smart home intelligent household electronic appliance. For example, with "AIFA i-Ctrl Pro Smart remote control", "i-Ctrl AC Smart AC remote control", "AIFA Voice Controlled Smart Box", users can upgrade and control a variety of home electronic appliances easily. Our products are with top quality, high stability and are recognized by global market.


“Not many companies have worked on the infrared database for more than 20 years like us, and we have collaborated with Japanese and German firms that have very high-quality standards. We are confident that we can be one of the best in the world in this field” AIFA General Manager, Ni Wen-lu said.

Founded in 1993, AIFA Technology specializes in manufacturing infrared remotes sold around the world. Our products meet the restriction of RoHS certifications.

Pursuing very high standards, AIFA works with clients from Japan and Germany for more than 10 years. AIFA’s i-Ctrl Pro (AIFA Smart Remote), i-Ctrl AC and latest voice controlled smart box sends infrared signals to electronics like TV, lighting, air conditioner. This product is easy to set up, allowing it to take commands via smart phone app or voice. With easy setup process. users can control their devices by either app or voice. AIFA’s infrared database stores signals of more than 1,000 electronics brands. And we're always pursuing highest quality and innovation goals.


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AIFA Technology Corp. official website:https://aifatechnology.com/
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