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HyRead Kiosk Self-help Reading System
Industry type:PC and software
Product model number:無
Hyweb Technology Co., Ltd
award 3

HyRead Kiosk Self-help Reading System provides HyRead ebooks and magazine navigation services, provides readers to browse, scan QR code to borrow ebooks and e-magazines.

This product is different from the market common video wall, electronic billboards, navigation machines and so on only have the basic advertising display, navigation function.

This product can meet the needs of different markets and customers, customers can according to their own needs, free matching all kinds of brand-name touch screen, such as desktop, vertical and action vertical electronic billboards, easy to meet a variety of field Space or theme of the activities of the most complete exhibition, for example, can be placed in the library premises, unmanned library, event exhibition, public places field, mobile population gathering, action books and so on.


About Hyweb Technology Co., Ltd

Hyweb Technology, founded in July 1998, and OTC in March 2003. Hyweb Technology is committed to e-government, education books, electronic payment technology research and development related to software and services.

When the Hyweb Technology has been established, inject considerable funds for software technology research and development, the company has a complete independent research and development technology, and has a high degree of cross-platform component of the properties, in addition to the need to quickly develop according to customers, and to create the technical integration maximum effectiveness.

Hyweb Technology understands the IT services industry "people-oriented, technology-core, customer-oriented" road to success, so always adhere to "find the right people, against things" development strategy, to recruit like-minded talents to join, and continued development of its own software technology leader with the industry.

HyRead was founded in 2010 by Hyweb Technology, providing quality content of eBooks and eMagazines. The HyRead eBook solution has been deployed in well over 1000 libraries in the world, and the adoption of HyRead solution in academic libraries has archived 100%. HyRead eBook is currently Taiwan's largest traditional Chinese eBook platform, and actively expands overseas business, including Hong Kong , Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Europe and other regions. HyRead eBook supports different devices to use, including PC, iPad/iPhone ,Android smart phones and tablets which provide online reading and download reading. Online reading means that readers can open ebooks directly via browser without installing any software. On the other hand, readers can install the software and download to read eBooks, so that readers can read anytime without internet. HyRead provides diverse ways to meet the needs of readers, no space constraint, and let readers always feel free to read.