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Minimally invasive single-site spinal fixation system
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:40304525 / 40304530 / 40304535 / 40304540 / 40305030 / 40305035 / 40305040 / 40305045 / 40305530 / 40305535 / 40305540 / 40305545 / 40305550 / 40306030 / 40306035 / 40306040 / 40306045 / 40306050 / 40306055 / 40306530 / 40306535 / 40306540 /
Wiltrom Co.,Ltd.
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Global spinal implants and surgical devices market, which held 23% of orthopedics, was valued at $13.5 billion. Minimally invasive spine surgery minimized soft tissue damage (eg, muscles) and might be a less risky, less invasive option compared to traditional open spine surgery. In order to optimize this approach, “Minimally invasive single-site spinal fixation system” is the world's leading approach, which provides surgeons to complete lumbar fixation with four screws of patient in one incision less than 2.5 cm. This approach met clinical needs with a safety and effective operation for surgeons. Besides, patients had a better recovery at lower cost. This system had been obtained TFDA registration and applied for worldwide patents. Based on these characteristics, this novel technique could be the pioneer in the high-class spine market to increase global competitiveness. We hope this development will facilitate Wiltrom Co., Ltd to be the leading company in the field of the spine.


About Wiltrom Co.,Ltd.

Wiltrom Medical is established in December of 2009, and it is a spin-off of Industrial Technology Research Institute. Wiltrom is dedicated in the research and production of a wide range of various high-end, implantable, Class II and III medical devices. The development of products is strongly focused on innovation and to create a highly competitive private brand on the market internationally.
Our company not only has the top researchers in the world, but also is provided with an excellent working environment for increasing efficiency and competitiveness. Our GMP plant can manufacture and supply the best and latest medical devices.
Our value: Creating a better life for humanity with innovation, trust, and health.

Wiltrom Medical Device Co., Ltd. is dedicated in the R&D and manufacture of "implantable biomedical devices." The development of the products is by integrating the unmet needs of clinical doctors, the innovative design of our research group, and the effectiveness evaluation through clinical practices. We assure the best quality through the GMP plant on-site for manufacturing biomedical devices in compliance with ISO standards. Our plan is to integrate the research ideas of the professionals from different levels for the research and development of highly-competitive and novel biomedical devices. Now, we have a strong working relationship in the form of technology transfers with various research facilities in Taiwan. Moreover, we work closely with doctors who have more than 30 years of clinical experience for developing safe and effective biomedical devices. Our ultimate goal is to become one of the top biomedical device companies in the world。