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Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:VT‧One
Carilex Medical, Inc.
award 3

VT.One Power Unit is a proven solution to provide exceptional wound therapy for patients. It is designed with clear LCD with power saving function, simple to use, whisper quiet and incredibly powerful. It is compatible with multiple wound sizes and offers intermittent and continuous operation modes, individually adjustable pressure settings, and outstanding high fluid removal rate. The portable lightweight design (only 250g) with disposable canister in multiple sizes and carrying bag means it is extremely clean and convenient for everyday use. VT.One provides all-around wound therapy that fits every stages of needs. VT Dressing Kit comes in 3 different sizes compatible with multiple wound sizes it delivers superior performance by maintaining prescribed negative pressure at the treatment area. VT Dressing Kit is carefully engineered to promote the most effective healing results while stringently tested for optimal comfort and safety our patients needed.


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About Carilex Medical, Inc.

Carilex,founded in 1985, began with manufacturing textile products. and move to Taoyuan City in 2010. In the early 90s, while most textile firms in Taiwan started to relocate their businesses to China, the President of Carilex, Suzanne Wang, decided to stay in Taiwan and recruited a development team to cooperate with Industrial Technology Research Insitute (ITRI). Carilex has been granted with patents for Rotor valve and A.R.T. and received US FDA 510(k) approval for its NPWT devices. Carilex has actively participated in international medical exhibitions, several branches have been established in Germany, UK, and the USA and now markets in product in 40 countries worldwide. “Caring makes the difference” is the core value of Carilex. The provision of the finest remedial solutions for patients and the innovation of intelligent pressure-sensing support surface and NPWT devices have been accomplished by Carilex via integration of its advantage in production, research and development.


“Caring makes the difference” is the key point why Carilex can successfully transform from a textile OEM to a medical device brand. President Wang has visited numerous clinical institutes to determine the essential medical devices for patients. The sight of patients lying helplessly on beds and how they have to live in the rest of their lives kept emerging in her mind. The thought of helping them started to grow in her mind. Carilex has established service stops worldwide to determine the need of users. Because of Caring, we concretize our thoughts and consider every detail from the point of view of users and adopts an uncompromising attitude. We insist on production quality to ensure our products can function persistently and be continuously innovated to meet the demand. In the future, Carilex will continue the “Caring” spirit. We will focus on development of hardware and incorporate digital technology in order to provide more diversified medical products.