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Micro Plus Nucleic Acid Analyzer
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:apcm.2i
GeneReach Biotechnology Corp.
award 3

POCKIT System from GeneReach is field-deployable, fast, and can be used to accurately detect pathogens at points of need, providing quick results to facilitate timely implementation of disease control and/or prevention measures. POCKIT is developed based on the insulated Isothermal PCR (iiPCR) technology, a proprietary technology owned by GeneReach. It allows very sensitive and specific detection of target organisms, including microorganisms, plants, and animals. It has realized the idea of a mobile laboratory. POCKIT Micro Plus has become a novel tool, and has been well-accepted and widely applied by the farmers, and proven to greatly facilitate disease control and management in the production chain in farming industries. It has been widely applied for different purposes in the veterinary, agriculture, food safety, and environmental monitoring fields.


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About GeneReach Biotechnology Corp.

Since our establishment in 2004, GeneReach Biotechnology has been dedicated to fulling customer needs in next-generation health management and providing quality and cost-effective products. As the concept of health management is shifting toward disease prevention and early diagnosis, GeneReach aims its strategic direction to the point-of-care testing (POCT) market. POCT provides immediate detection of infectious agents in non-laboratory settings. Based on iiPCR technologies, and by integrating Taiwan’s high technology resources and the market needs, GeneReach has successfully developed POCT products under the “POCKIT” brand. GeneReach’s POCKIT™ products are portable, cost-effective, easy-to-use, and have been used by various industries worldwide, making sophisticated molecular detection deployable at anytime and anyplace with minimal hands-on time and dexterity.


GeneReach Biotechnology is dedicated to bringing affordable, portable and adaptable molecular diagnostics to the general public. These goals have been realized by our outstanding capability and capacity in R&D, technology transfer, and production process.The field-deployable POCKIT™ System from GeneReach is developed with our proprietary insulated Isothermal PCR (iiPCR) technology to realize a mobile laboratory that allows fast, easy, and accurate detection of target organisms. GeneReach, founded in 2004, has successfully commercialized PCR reagents and equipment around the world in the aquaculture, veterinary, food safety, environmental monitoring, and human healthcare fields. These novel tools have been well-accepted and proven to greatly facilitate disease control and management in the aquaculture industries. GeneReach has successfully become the world's leading brand that provide Point-of-need molecular diagnostic tools, which opened a new era in Taiwan's biotechnology industry.

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