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Eveline Smart Fertility System
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:WHM-A01
iXensor Co., Ltd.
award 3

Eveline Smart Fertility System is an innovative ovulation testing and tracking solution that works easily with the smartphone to predict prime ovulation dates. It utilizes the smartphone's front camera to read the results from test strips with 99% accuracy and its monitoring app shows and records test results on automatically for maximum convenience. It goes further by providing users with comprehensive data and a push notification system letting them know when to take the test. Prediction is also possible by tracking records and patterns. In that way, women can fully plan with their partners for the best times to conceive. Eveline is the best personal assistant for stress-free conception.


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About iXensor Co., Ltd.

iXensor, the pioneer of mobile health, turns smartphones into lab-grade medical diagnostics, democratizing medical tests for the public. In 2017, iXensor introduced the PixoTest® Blood Glucose Monitoring System as the world's first US FDA-approved smartphone camera-based blood test. Based on the core PixoTech® platform, iXensor has ventured into at-home self-testing and clinical point-of-care diagnostics with product brand, PixoTest®, across infectious diseases, chronic diseases and Eveline® for women's health. Since 2020, iXensor has extended the new business model with PixoTech® licensing, facilitating the digital transformation for multinational strategic partners' IVD business.


PixoTest® represents iXensor's mobile diagnostics' product line, signifying our digital color and image sensing technology. The word Pixo sheds light on its pioneering position as the world's first US FDA approved image quantification technology for smartphone-based medical tests; and Test pinpoints its core strength of decentralizing quality medical testing for billions of mobile phone users. The brand conveys infinite possibilities of personalized digital healthcare. Since the launch in 2017, PixoTest® unleashed the unique advantage of decentralized medical testing, transformed traditional healthcare model, which relies heavily on hospitals and clinics, in Europe, Africa and Taiwan. PixoTest® completes several innovative healthcare models such as at-home care and telemedicine, by making decentralized and connected medical testing possible with its rapid diagnostics for patients of chronic diseases and infectious diseases in the international realm of digital health.

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