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Eveline Smart Fertility System
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:WHM-A01
iXensor Co., Ltd.
award 3

Eveline Smart Fertility System is an innovative ovulation testing and tracking solution that works easily with the smartphone to predict prime ovulation dates. It utilizes the smartphone's front camera to read the results from test strips with 99% accuracy and its monitoring app shows and records test results on automatically for maximum convenience. It goes further by providing users with comprehensive data and a push notification system letting them know when to take the test. Prediction is also possible by tracking records and patterns. In that way, women can fully plan with their partners for the best times to conceive. Eveline is the best personal assistant for stress-free conception.


About iXensor Co., Ltd.

iXensor co. Ltd. is based in Taipei, Taiwan and was founded in 2012. Our three co-founders, Alan Tsai, the CEO, Jerry Chen, the CMO, Carson Chen, the CTO, first met in Stanford-Taiwan Biomedical Fellowship Program (STB) and came up with the idea of PixoTest technology. This breakthrough idea sparked global interest and attention. Soon, the company became almost 50 ambitious members strong, bringing this mobile health solution to life.
The iXensor family consists of 8 PhD and 54 energetic and talented members who all devote themselves to develop the hardware and software system for a wide-range of IVD products, to provide a solution that is innovative and reliable. We make healthcare easier and activate a healthier life!

Eveline is the brand name for our Woman Health Management product line. We choose a female name “Eveline” (pronounced Ev-uh-leen), to clearly declare that it’s a brand for women products. Eveline is a variant form of the English and French “Eve”, the first woman who was created from one of Adam's ribs and was "the mother of all living” in Bible. Therefore, it has the meaning of “life”, which strongly bonds with the fertility products. The other word “line” which composes Eveline, represents that the line symbol showed on the test strip. When there is a “line” for a positive result, it means that a new life is likely to coming. All these meanings of the “Eveline” brand deliver a strong message regarding “life”, not only connecting to the product attributes but also creating an image of strong vitality of women.