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YouCam Perfect
Industry type:PC and software
Product model number:iOS/Android
Perfect Mobile Corp.
award 3

Beauty Circle social network
◇Community for beauty lovers, explore and discover the latest in makeup, fashion and style
◇Access Beauty Circle through YouCam Makeup or YouCam Perfect

Take Perfect Photos & Selfies
◇Multi-face detection lets you touch-up every face in group shots or "usies"
◇Easily turn every face into a smiling happy portrait with “Smile :)” feature, best for group shots to save the happy moment with smiles on everyone’s faces

Flawless Natural Skin & Face
◇Blemish removal fades the appearance of imperfections and takes away scars or pimples, making skin smoother
◇Nose Enhance to reshape your nose that you’ve always desired

Bigger & Brighter Eyes
◇Eye Enlarger and Double Eyelid creator lets eyes stand out
◇Eye Bag Remover diminishes under eye circles and reduces puffiness

Slimmer Waist & Longer Legs
◇Shrink your waist, and lengthen legs and add height in one touch


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About Perfect Mobile Corp.

Perfect Corp. aims to transform the beauty industry by marrying the highest level of augmented reality (“AR”) and artificial intelligence (“AI”) technology with the ultimate shopping experience, completely reinventing consumer beauty journey. From small and medium businesses to enterprises, Perfect Corp offers Beauty SaaS for every business size. Leap into the future with beauty AI and AR technology to make the best shopping experience possible for your customers. Our cutting-edge makeup technology puts you ahead of the game with virtual makeup trials, hair color and accessory try-ons, and skincare diagnostics. Perfect Corp. is realizing a unique vision at the intersection of tech and beauty. The suite of AR beauty solutions merges high-tech virtual and mobile platforms with a passion for makeup and beauty.


With over 950 Million downloads globally, Perfect Corporation is dedicated to transforming how consumers, content creators and beauty brands interact together through AI and AR technologies. Our experienced team of engineers and beauty aficionados are pushing the frontiers of technology to create the beauty platform of the future – a fluid environment where individuals express themselves, learn the latest about fashion and beauty, and enjoy instant access to the products from their favorite brands.