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Intellignet-typed power equipment current detector
Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:FE-CCD-002
Fortune Electric Co., Ltd.
award 3

In 21 century, industry 4.0 transformation relative with smart grid and internet of things device, is developed. Also, This device, core current detector, a new innovation is supplied to customer monitoring power system transformer operation and fault condition alarm, respectively. Incredible changing and customer wanted device, is most important issues in order to save the total cost and increasing device reliable.

?Product Research Development and Quality:International testing pass by SGS, kernel function is key to detect extremely minor current around 1mA to 20,000mA.

?Innovation Technical Areas:
This device, it is not only combine with internet of things (IoTs) technology, but also creates a new Innovation method which is relative with international standard IEEE (C 57.12.90-1999).

?Humanization Design:
Softness, thickness, useful device, with higher quality of Injection Molding Technology (IMT)


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