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The New X Series Chain
Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:X11SL-1/X11EL-1/X11-1/X10SL-1/X10EL-1/X10-1
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KMC has redefined the chain technology limit through innovating chain structure, and has introduced an unrivaled the New X series chain to optimize performance on all single chainring drivetrains. X Bridge & Bevel Chamfering Design, ensuring chain retention while smoothly guiding gear teeth into the chain, and has upgraded the two smart chamfering to the four. Titanium Carbon Nitride coating technology provides the perfect combination of metal and surface shield technology. Pin power upgraded to 350kgf with KMC unique methods of riveting mushroomed pin design. With premium coating technology, KMC’s new chain will provide more accurate shifting and higher drivetrain efficiency.
KMC chain has been specified by various well-known bike Teams and top racers, and was awarded the Golden Awards with the New X series chain on China Cycle. Combined cutting edge technology with limitless creativity, KMC always seeks for new challenges to bring the best quality chain to the chain market.


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Concentrating on chain research and development for 40 years, KMC leading bicycle brand to provide the best integration strategy and create comprehensive chain functions and techniques which suited for different types of bicycle requirements. Requirements for special development needs, KMC emphasizes the aesthetics to complement product value and will continue to innovate and achieve its goals in the pursuit of perfection.


World's renowned and market leading chain brand, KMC, has been devoted to chain manufacturing for 40 years since the very first chain was built in 1977. KMC has launched a new brand logo which uses the lemniscate design to symbolize infinite possibilities. With a focus on environmental consciousness and cycling industry, KMC sets its eyes on the future with constant innovation. KMC’s global sales and marketing network has integrated physical and virtual sales channels to supply compatible products made with outstanding craftsmanship and increased production automation. Emphasizing environmental protection, KMC is the first and only Carbon Footprint Certified chain manufacturer, and works toward a eco-friendly manufacturing process. KMC offers better products and efficient service to customers worldwide. Link To Perfection – KMC embraces the future with a constant pursuit of excellence.