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Industry type:Recreation and sports
Product model number:S58
First Rank Co., Ltd. (Saeko Sports Co., Ltd.)
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People pay more attention to the personal taste, wearing and dressing to show their characteristic. S58 JET with three requirements "comfortable "Environmental protection", "fashion", create a unique fashion style to meet customer’s satisfaction.
The technology:
1. Injection technology: use the environmentally friendly TPR material implanted into the lens and the edge of the buckle to strengthen the structural strength.
2. Double-coating technology to enhance the durability of anti-fog performance.
3. The plane optical precision grinding with extended to the side vision.
4. Two strap adjustable ways – easy adjustable & normal adjustable - for customer’s choice
Product Patent:
Taiwan Patent, M530666
European Patent, 003019371-0001
China Patent, 3824066
Product certificate:
ISO9001: 2008 TW99 / 15584
BS5883: 1996 TWNH00058384
Rooted in Taiwan 35 years, We, SAEKO, disturbed in 15 countries around the world. At Taiwan, we are with high market share and visibility.


About First Rank Co., Ltd. (Saeko Sports Co., Ltd.)

Established in 1979, First Rank is specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing swimming goggles worldwide. As a leading company in the field, our products offer a full anti-fog coating. Our product design, production capability and management has a strong reputation and is recognized by customers. ISO 9002 was implemented in January 1999, and since then upgraded to ISO 9001:2000 from 2002. Year 2010 we passed ISO 9001:2008. Year 2017 we passed ISO 9001:2015. We have a spirit rooted in Taiwan and are dedicated to integrity, leniency, quality.


You folks! Let’s exhilaratingly warm up and do sprint. Taiwan and SAEKO are going to swim toward the way of victory laurel together. At first, SAEKO specialized in sophisticated swimming goggles processing. We kick-started our private brand with a wave of enthusiasm, which is something we could make it remarkable with Taiwanese spirit step by step. Eventually, we successfully customized our brand which called SAEKO in 1979. Our goal is to Accomplish countless certifications in being regarded as the best in the field of swimming goggles industry worldwide. Keeping our philosophy of enhancing the strength to do product research all the way for the purpose of manufacturing not only elegant products but also functional, and we keep advancing ourselves during SAEKO has been established for 35 years. Luckily, more than twenty five million swimmers, who procure our products to freely swim in the water. To see those who wear our swimming goggles is a tempting motivation.

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