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XYZlife Patch with smart clothing
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:BC1/WFB02C71
Kinpo Electronics Inc.
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In traditional situation,when patient feels uncomfortable, the doctor may ask the patient to continuously wear a Holter for 24 hours, several days to make sure the situation. The BC1 is smaller and lighter than the traditional Holter. It is suitable for long-term monitoring.
Wondering why the cost of medication is always high. In some countries, medical expense has already taken 20% of their GDP. It is quite a burden to individuals. On the other hands, when people sense their heart issue, the first step is to go through a 1-minute resting ECG checkup. However, most symptoms may not be diagnosed during this very minute.
BC1 is developed to help doctors to do a longer term pre-screen session in order to collect as much as possible information from the heart. Studies indicate that longer term monitor increases 50% of chance to identify or diagnose potential cardiac diseases. BC1 is here to help. So Prevention is always important.


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