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Anti-Leak Diamond Shape Face Mask
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:F95818 AH-L.M.S、F95838 AH-L.M.S、F95858 AH-L.M.S
Motex Healthcare Corporation
award 3

Recently, many areas of the world suffer from air pollution.Face mask consumption has reached 30 billion pieces to date. However,they are confirmed not qualified to protect your health because of the snug fitness issue. The new innovative mask will overcome that disadvantage.The features are as below:
Performance innovation
1 .Performance: Diamond shaped face mask is based on a higher efficiency, snug fitness and comfort. It meets China’s standard Ⅱtype (KN95) for anti-haze face mask.
2. Cost benefit
Fully automated production consumes less resources and reduces manpower cost.
3. Profit benefit
Although prime cost of the face mask is a little bit higher than a flat shaped face mask, but it provides a better comfort.
Product structure
The face mask flaps on both sides gives a close fit as well. In addition, the nose piece replaces the traditional foam to fill the gap.The adjuster is regarded as a unique invention.


About Motex Healthcare Corporation

Since 1974 Motex has been established for four decades, actively involved in resources on the development of innovative medical products to provide the best products and services as the goal.
Products covered medical gloves, wound dressings and protective masks ... etc, in 1989 for the former natio's largest medical gloves 300 large excellent export enterprises. 2005 onwards actively develop its own brand, in addition to improving the quality of the process and adhere to the outside, through a number of domestic and international certification standards, including GMP, CE, ISO and FDA.
Motex is committed to the integration of new resources to take advantage of the patented new products, build a strong brand, the use of marketing, rapidly expanding overseas markets, hoping to become the "innovation management" model for SMEs, while the transition to international brands, to provide more excellent guardian of our health care products.


It’s not difficult to find presence of Motex whenever there's a major disaster. Since 1974, Motex has been quietly supporting charitable activities, acting on the motto, "More Care, More Health." Now with a new focus in innovations and R&D, Motex has recently upgraded the motto to, "Modern Tech, Human Care." Motex is a professional medical device manufacturer, marketing globally using the brand Motex. Its core value lies in its sensible product values—higher quality, more efficient, comfortable, and safe—that makes the price reasonable. The brand has since become synonymous with high performance medical products. While the non-woven disposables area has been with the company for years, it will still be the main focus for years to come, especially with masks where there have been a number of patents and awards. Motex will continue to dedicate itself to its core values in the future, devoting in R&D and providing products with high product value to protect global consumer health.