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Escalate 550CE2 Stairclimber
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:550 CE2
Healthstream Taiwan Inc.
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Stairclimbing is highly effective in building lower body strength and enhancing cardio respiratory fitness. Escalate sets new standards for climbers with Smart StepHeight™ to offer 20 heights: 4”—7.7” and defies convention with its patent—applied duo—track mechanism. Two tracks expedite simultaneous step and incline height adjustment whilst maintaining a stable horizontal step. This is a world first as is Escalate’s e2 Console which defines exercise infotainment with Intenzacast screen mirroring. Content from Android/iOS devices can be broadcast on the e2 Console. Escalate bridges innovation, exercise and entertainment to deliver added value.


About Healthstream Taiwan Inc.

HealthStream is a leader in ODM/OEM business in the fitness industry. The founder has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and recognized that product quality starts with design. HealthStream was formed to focus as a product development company in 1998. In the continued pursuit of quality, we went on to add production capabilities and built automation our production system and systemize our processes.

HealthStream is ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System (QMS) certified by TÜV Rheinland. At HealthStream, being ISO certified is much more than compliance to procedures and processes. It is our commitment to the constant pursuit of continuous improvement of our quality management system so that we can achieve our goal to bring our valued customers and business partners the highest consistent quality in products and services.


About Intenza Launched 2012
Forward—thinking, eco—friendly commercial fitness equipment
Designed and manufactured by HealthStream
State of the art factory 100% energy—efficient
Currently sold in over 30 countries worldwide

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