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Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:AP-375
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The innovative air supply systems, solves the installation time-consuming, and costly maintenance problems of the air chucks with traditional air distribution rings. A large-scale improvement of user productivity and reduce costs. The AP-375 is a patented product in Taiwan, Germany, Japan, the United States and mainland China.

The design emphases of AP-375 Large Thru-hole Air Chuck include:
(1) High rigidity and high precision structure design, the product conforms to the CE design request.
(2) Repeat accuracy up to: 0.01mm
(3) Patented air supply system, easy to install, low maintenance cost.
(4) Clamping force up to 188KN,
(5) Pressure detection, to ensure the safety of the work-piece clamping.
(6) Waterproof and chip-proof design
(7) With low energy consumption, high efficiency and environmental friendly production procedure.


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Autogrip Machinery Co., Ltd. is a specialist manufacturer of power chucks and rotary cylinders in Taiwan. Since 1989 we devoted the company to providing high rigidity, high precision quality products. The product lines include a complete set of 79-inch and under series, and related products such as Power Chucks, Special Purpose Power Chucks, Collet Chucks, Stationary Chucks, Synchronous Clamps, Facing Heads, Rotary Cylinders, Rotary Valve/ Rotary Joint and Accessories. Autogrip Machinery is presently developing an Extra Large Chuck series slated for market in the near future. Autogrip works hard to satisfy our customers. We believe in taking care of the highest customer needs and diversify accordingly.


Autogrip machinery was established in 1989 in Taiwan. Our product lines focus on the power chucks, rotary cylinders and automatic clamping series. We provide the optimized solutions and services for our customers worldwide.

Autogrip's business philosophy
With integrity and professionalism, we provide the most professional products and services for the customers.

Location of Autogrip
Our factory located in the middle part of Taiwan, the campus occupies 10,000 square meters. Autogrip makes world-class high-quality products and services with high customer satisfaction.

We are from Taiwan
All the products of Autogrip are designed and made in our hometown-Taiwan. You can find that our products have a strong Taiwan spirit- solid and durable, with high rigidity and high precision. Our company has a good reputation in the industry. Autogrip is devoted to providing the optimized solutions and service for the work-piece clamping needs.

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