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Safe wear-resistant green tire
Industry type:Transportation
Product model number:195/65R15 91H DP5100
Hwa Fong Rubber Ind. Co., Ltd.
award 3

Frontier ECO Tire passes the environmental management system test from form ISO9001: 2008. Frontier ECO adopts the new rubber Silica formula to increase the mileage, reduce the rolling resistant. Processing with lightweight structure designed by high-strength materials selection makes the material. CAD tech supports the pattern blocks can reduce noise generation. Frontier ECO adopts the new rubber Silica formula to increase the mileage performance, reduce the rolling resistant. It meets the ECE R117 standard from RDW authority. UTQG tire quality grade specifications, tire wear items for the 507. This energy-saving wear-resistant specification is designed based on the points of low fuel consumption, low noise generation. The unique designed on tires’ shoulder making Frontier ECO to reduce the noise efficiency. We carry out the quality management to meet customer needs and increase the products added value. Putting our policy "quality first, customers Satisfaction" realized.


About Hwa Fong Rubber Ind. Co., Ltd.

Hwa Fong Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd. was already in business. Founded in December of 1945, Hwa Fong began specializing in production of all kinds of inner and outer bicycle tubes. As the company grew, Hwa Fong expanded into production of inner and outer tubes for automobiles, agricultural vehicles, recreational vehicles, light trucks, etc. and radial tires.
With its headquarters in Taiwan, Hwa Fong is gradually expanding worldwide, with branch office already in the US, Thailand and Mainland China. In today’s extremely competitive international markets, the firm’s tires have been well received in nearly every market. In the face of the increasing tendency towards internationalization, Hwa Fong is committed to vigorous research and development, as well as continual progress in quality. The company firmly believes this simple strategy is the key to producing a well-recognized brand name and expanding in today’s global market.


DURO is derived from the English word, “durable”, meaning strong, wear resistant, not easily broken, which reflects Hwa Fong’s highest corporate principle: Quality first. The four letters – D, U, R and O – represent the four pillars upholding this principle of highest quality: Dependable, Utility, Rapid, Outstanding. Hwa Fong’s company identity system rests upon DURO’s first letter, “D”. The emerald green color represents eternal vitality and hope. The stimulating orange red strip in the D’s center represents Hwa Fong’s enthusiasm, maturity, and innovation, which is taking the company to every corner of the world. Together, these two spring colors of emerald green and orange red complement each other to symbolize life’s breath and power.