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Full-Color+CERAMIC 3D Printer
Industry type:PC and software
Product model number:T10(Full-Color+CERAMIC)
award 3

ComeTrueR T10 Full-Color + Ceramic 3D Printer is based on patented ComeTrueR Binder Jetting (CBJ) 3D Printing Technology on the custom plaster-based composite powders and ceramic powders. Employing plaster-based composite powders with CMYK continuous ink supply system, full-color, complicated 3D models are built. However, with the custom ceramic powders, it can be applied in ceramic crafts. Moreover, this ceramic 3D printer can even work as a research platform for developer to apply its own ceramic formulated powders, for examples, in industrial applications for ceramic components, or in biomedical applications such as bone ceramics. Therefore, ComeTrueR T10 Full-Color + Ceramic 3D Printer can be applied in a wide range of applications.

Microjet Technology, the leading company of inkjet printheads in Greater China. Through our self-developed printheads and full-color 3D printing technology, the dual-purpose 3D printer is created.



MicroJet Technology Co., Ltd., established in 1996, is a publicly traded company with 500 employees. We have achieved solid performance in Inkjet Print Cartridges, Inkjet Printers, Inkjet 3D Printers and Piezo-electric Devices.
MicroJet Technology designs Inkjet Printheads, Inkjet Printers and Piezo-electric Devices with its innovative teams of IC design, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering.
Research and Development is our most valued asset. Our R&D team members have solid experience at various high-tech companies and research institutes within printing related industries.
MicroJet Technology prides itself on hundreds of granted and pending patents, worldwide, and the list is still growing. MicroJet Technology also ranks among the Top-100 Taiwan companies in Patents application.


ComeTrue® is a combination of two words “Come” and “True” , and it implies that virtual 3D models will become solid objects via 3D printing technologies as if dreams come true. ComeTrue® 3D Printers are designed and manufactured by MicroJet Technology Co., Ltd. in Taiwan. By leveraging own developed inkjet heads and print engines, ComeTrue 3D team is in a leading position to develop patented ComeTrue® Binder Jetting (CBJ) 3D printing technology and can see vision to make dreams come true !