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Beauty Healthcare Instrument
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:BB-333
Biboting International Co., Ltd.
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BIBOTING Beauty Healthcare Instrument combined with ancient Chinese medication such as acupuncture、Gua Sha、cupping、moxibustion、massage and qigong and advanced technology in one. Since BIBOTING was founded in 1995, it has focused on their own research and development production and producer, up till now, it continues to innovate manufacturing technology. BIBOTING Beauty Healthcare Instrument has 62 patented innovations over 9 countries, passed the international ISO9001 certification, and equipped with core PUMP and other international advantages, those inventions、patented and technology making all innovation to be possible. The integrated marketing team break the traditional thinking, focusing on product design, planning and marketing, grasping rich resources and enhancing quality, to create a new career that takes production and marketing as one, and the appeal is to adjust the constitution and increase their metabolism.


About Biboting International Co., Ltd.

BIBOTING International Ltd is a local company committed to beauty and healthcare industry in Taiwan. The production combined with ancient Chinese medication and advanced technology. In the future, BIBOTING will try to improve their product through continuous research.
BIBOTING International Ltd not only passed some major international certifications but also has 62 patent certifications in 9 countries. In 2009, BIBOTING Trading (Shanghai) Ltd was established in China and few years later in 2016, BBT BEAUTYCARE was established in Malaysia. So far the brand is introduced into beauty salons and large institutions over 26 countries in the world, we may say BIBOTING is a symbol of beauty and healthcare industry representative in Taiwan forward the world.

In 1990s’ Taiwan, the breast instrument raises a burst of upsurge, but the technology was poor at that time, so this prevailing wave was soon passed away. There was an electronic mechanical expert kept to continue this concept of the breast, and specializing in the instrument, the traditional Chinese medicine cupping single-suction way improved the rhythm of suction and negative pressure, and improve the security and into the current negative ions technology, so that the first model of BIBOTING Beauty Healthcare Instrument was born. Behind that, there is also a story about "caring for female's breasts" from a husband's love for a wife: Ms. Li in a physical examination found breast problems, Mr. Liu is very concerned about his wife, and to give his wife using the internal negative health regimen to massage the breasts. From other customers’ feedback, they found out that instrument not only can adjust the constitution, but also can increase their metabolism.

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