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Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:PR-DBPRB-606/609/611
award 3

Special design for indicator technology Patented No.M444827-means the bag will change color or pattern when it comes in contact with cold or hot temperatures. When the inside content is cold, the special design will appear; when the inside content is hot, the special design will disappear. It's get 60% extra large than normal type. Large cap opening design is easier to use. It's also easy to put the ice cube into the bag. Large cap design is more suitable to sport market, such as instant ice treatment. The material is soft fabric get more comfortable. Sewing technology creates superior resistance to leakage enhance the safety use.



Established in 1979, Taiwan Stanch Co., Ltd. is the first medical plastics factory in Taiwan to produce cold gel. With over 40 years of research and development in gel industry we hold many within the medical industry. Now, we are the largest Original Equipment Manufacturers for Cold/ Hot therapy products and consumer healthcare products in Taiwan. Quality, trustworthiness and services are the corporate Values of the Taiwan Stanch Co Ltd. Innovation are the core of our enterprise development. Moreover by R&D, production, we are able to streamline our product development while adopting the high quality control and safety systems of ISO9001/13485, GMP, FDA, and CE. Our customers can be found in the continents of Asia, Oceania, Africa, Americas, Europe and the regions of the Middle East. In 1990, Taiwan Stanch developed its wholly-owned brand R&R. The slogan "Rest & Relaxation" is the spirit our brand. Our mission is to maintain professionalism while growing together with customers.

The Brand “R&R” was established in 1990.The term of “R&R” represents “Rest & Relaxation” with the branding language of making people life ease and pleasant by providing superior quality ranges of home-care and rehabilitation products. With over 40 years of research and development experiences, “R&R” has strengthened its international profile in own branding design and manufacture, as well firmly established its global private labeling market. The result-oriented spirit is leading “R&R” to the professionalism consumer health care product demands and supplies. Since 2014, R&R is expanding six product lines brand- DURA/REXICARE/PROXERMOBECARE/FLEXI-FEET/LAITEST to enhance the brand value, dedicating to offer customers all over the world with our high standard quality and services.