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Industry type:Productivity and energy
Product model number:"BT40" "直柄式"
award 3

1.4 equidistance adjustable radial screw hole for concentricity on the body of holder
2.4 equidistance adjustable axial screw hole for perpendicularity on the axis of holder
3.Dynamic counterweight balanced holes on the bottom and axis of holder. Every hole is spread evenly on the bottom.Balanceing on multi-angle can reach the requests of accuracy and simplification.The extension functions are including below.
A.Adjust eccentric expanding,eccentric drill,precision reamer.The machining accuracy can reach 0.003mm.
B.The cutter can adjust any angel to cut and fewer times to be changed.
C.Suitable multi-angle of ladder-shape boring workpieces.The milling accuracy can reach smaller than 0.01mm.It would meet all kind industry’s requirements,like manufacturing and processing industry, Precision mold, 3C products and automotive industry.The requirements of all kinds of industry are such as finish and Semi-finished machining.Calibrate the slight cumulative tolerance of machine and the holder.


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Our company was established in Feb., 1982. In the initial period, we adhered to seriously & carefully operating attitude to continue researching, improving & developing various tool holders of milling machines to supply industries with the most excellent products and hence enhance their quality competition in the market. We had entered medium growth from the initial period and set up a new factory in Feb., 2006. At the same time, product’s quality and quantity have also been highly mature and favorably accepted by wide customers. We have been keeping improvement and development of precision technology for various holders. Our products have obtained good public praises and hence been widely sold in foreign & domestic fmarkets. To meet requirements of all industries, we use professional management to control & classify & products, introduce new machines to mark excellent products and have sufficient stocks to let customers get our fastest & most efficient service in the shortest time.


1974,Mr.Liu’s family finances forbidden him going to school,he gone to be a trainee in lathe factory to share family living expenses.1982,he founded I-TINE Enterprise Co.,Ltd.1985,we had have enterprise transformation to OEM of holders.1988,we published the first milling holder RD by our own.2010,our high quality of productivity attracted APPLE Inc.They issued orders of 100,000 pcs holders to produce IPHONE frame. LYNDEX-NIKKEN,Inc.appointed their vice general manager to start cooperative in the TIMTOS2011 SHOW.We produce their OEM holders.They issued the amount of order US$300,000 per year. The same year,we spent US$400,000 on building a professional holder quality control room to import ISO9001:2008.In 2015,HOTA Industrial Mfg.Co.,Ltd.inquired customized holders dedicated their Machine.We broke through the strict and high standards like roundness,concentricity and dual contact.Today, we become the top 5 professional holder manufacture company in Taiwan.

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