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Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:TB-20T / TB-35T
Freser International Corporation
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A system that can automatically brew tea. It provides standardized set of procedures for making tea, to help reduce labour costs. The outward design of the Tea Brewer is integrated with the RS485 communication interface and simple to use touch panel. With just only one touch to make tea professionally.

It can be pre-programmed with up to 10 different tea categories,No filter paper is required with this system, it takes just 10 -15 minutes to brew fresh 4.5 liters of tea concentrate which can be used as the tea base for making various tea products for sale. With the SD card design, it offers an easy form of management for chain operators to upload/download pre-programmed tea brewing parameters. Along with the patented sprinkle nozzle which allows the tea leaf to thoroughly brewed and release the best tea aroma. The eco-friendly design of the Power Saving and Sleep Mode, reduces power consumption during periods of non-sales and non-peak periods.

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About Freser International Corporation

Freser Int'l Corporation was founded by Chairman Kuo Rong Chang in 1975, specialized in refrigeration engineering system. In 1985, Freser was granted distributorship of Lancer, USA company of its Post Mix Dispenser business, since then Freser started to represent int'l leading brands worldwide to provide the most advanced catering equipment to convenience stores, restaurants, fast food chains. In 1990s, with successful experience built up in Taiwan, Freser started move internationally and built up offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai China, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia subsequently. In 2016 Hochiminh office was also established to serve more customers throughout Asian region. With the spirit of Professional, Responsible and Service Oriented, Freser will keep providing innovative solutions, superior products and services to build long business partner relationships with customers to achieve mutual growth and success.

In 1960s, Kuo-Jung Chang, chairman of Freser succeeded to his father’s company. The company contracted a -40℃ freezing equipment plant to supply frozen dairy foods. It was not until 1975 that the name officially changed to the Freser Int’l Corp. Freser, which from both trademark and English name is derived from the abbreviation of “Foodservice Refrigeration Equipment Supplier”. In 1980s, Freser developed own brand products. In 1990s, Freser transformed into an agent for foreign-brand beverage equipment and subsequently found companies in China and Southeast Asian market. In 21 century, Freser developed Intelli Tea Brewer. It provides the Teahouse Business with the quickest, simplest and safest way to make high-quality tea products. Freser is going to focus more on emerging markets in Indochina by utilizing rich globalization experiences along with cultivating skilled workforce to provide innovative solutions to customers to become their long term business partner.

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