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17" Transparent Gaming Case Display
Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:170EC01
Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd.
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Gaming competitions not only need large-size display for displaying, the players and anchors also need a second display for real-time providing hardware situation and light effects. Considering the value of gaming market has increased in recent years, CPT has developed 17 transparent gaming case display that combined transparent display and gaming case. CPT's transparent display has over five times transmittance than traditional LCD so only use the internal light source of gaming case that can achieve excellent display quality. The features as follows is:
1. Unique LC material development that has low driving voltage and high transmittance
2. Process simplification that can reduce production cost and earn more profit.
3. Saving energy and Protecting the environment by using the ambient light to display.
4. Showing the information of the gaming system or providing entertaiment effect during the gaming competition that can be provided users or viewers novel feeling.

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