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Business-use Sparkling Water Dispenser
Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:LC-6088AB
Long Chen Technology Co Ltd
award 3

An outstanding cooling & gas-mixin' tech. generating the refreshed & mellow fizzy water. will refresh the taste between various meals. This fizzy drink will lead a must-have vogue in an elite restaurant.
LCW biz-use fizzy water dispenser, from an outstanding TW maker, invented nice cooling & gas-mixin' tech., became a famous supplier due to this debuting. This innovation comes from the excellent manufacture and unique craft devoted by Long Chen Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd.
Reaching a nice dissolvin' CO2 in the pure & mellow water. It'll lead a must-have vogue in elite gourmet.
Bottled water will be an invisible waste of the high cost for an owner. Will help to save the 99 % of such a cost.
It represented the best proposal to substitute the bottled water or the factory-packed mineral water. It will sensibly reduce the carbon footprints to be ECO-friendly and kick out the plastic disposals without any hassles for energy-wasting, transportation, & refrigerated-preservation

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About Long Chen Technology Co Ltd

Long Chen Technology Co., Ltd. Long Chen started to develop and manufacture reverse osmosis water purifiers, electric water boiler with storage, electric water heaters with storage, and many other drinking water related equipments. Long Chen has been recognized by domestic and foreign government entities one after another for the effort of continuous development & manufacturing and believing quality is the foundation of the enterprise. Then Long Chen had the honor to obtain the ISO-9001 quality system certifications for quality and service. Our products water boiler, electric water heater with storage, and electric water heater with storage had been certified as CNS mark products by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection. They had also qualified the domestic market factory inspection standard CNS3765 and the EMC examination, the Registration of Product Certification, Grade A+ Q.C. Plant, Green Mark issued .


Long Chen Technology company was established in 1967. In 1974, it transferred to R & D, design and manufacture water dispensers. In Chinese culture, "dragon" is the mascot. We believe "Long Chen" brand water dispenser system is deeply rooted in the minds of consumers and is the first brand of drinking equipment.