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Power cradle
Industry type:Electronics and communication
Product model number:aurora P1
Zealio Electronics Co., Ltd.
award 3

*Clever engineering design
? The simple style of the German style and with micro cradle,
With extinction black and bright orange edging brings out a
lively atmosphere. The overall use is convenient and concise.
*Smart sensor for auto detect
The power gear rotates the arms to clip the phone without
manual adjustment.completed automatically.
When the phone is placed on the power cradle, smart sensor
detection then automatic - arm clip the phone firmly
*Easy install
? Can be used in the vehicle and indoor
??? With micro cradle, can be used to adjust 720 degrees.
*Fit all phone size
Support 3.5 to 6.5 inch phone size.
*AAA battery driving
By 2 AAA battery and 1year battery life, no worry battery low,
it is easy to get battery

About Zealio Electronics Co., Ltd.

Zealio Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional company for car electronics; we are specialized in wireless solution in car such as wireless door sill led plate and wireless door illumination. There are 2 categories for car electronics business as OE business and aftermarket.
In fact, Zealio is aim to automotive category, we are deeply research and developed for wireless solution in car, international technical development with patented integration, it all bring Zealio as key supplier of wireless door sill plate for major auto customer such as BMW, MINI, VW, RENAULT, GM, NISSAN, HYNDAI, MAZDA…etc. Zealio is a reliable supplier who can follow auto industrial standard and develop with auto customer together, high quality product with competitive price, it is obviously making comfortable service to customer.


Easy, Safety, Saving power is a trend of car electronics in near future, Zealio is developing all new products based on this core philosophy. We are aim to deliver good service from design, development and manufacturing for our customer. For safety reason, our design is standalone what doesn’t need to connect with car battery, it is not likely to cause firing by short-circuit For easy installation, our product just take 3 mins for 4 doors installation instead of harness type which does need 1.5hrs. For Saving power, we are using LED and coin battery, there are at least 3 years battery life based on ultra-low power consumption design.

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