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Ocean recycling roll function backpack
Industry type:Recreation and sports
Product model number:180503-43-7
award 3

As the warming of the earth becomes more serious, the living environment of the polar bear is becoming more compressed. We are choose the environmental protection yarns made of marine recycled waste. There are more than 9 million tons of marine waste drifting into the ocean every year. Through the raw materials processing technology in Taiwan, it begins with direct raw materials. People oriented is the purpose of design, focusing on the coordinated development of human, function and environment. Environmental protection is no longer the slogan of marketing. It does exist in the surrounding environment and all behaviors, combined with recycled materials. The need for behavior in life is designed to fit the functional bag, built-in structure, suitable for work, school and leisure. Our design focuses on Humanities and focuses on demand. All kinds of bags are no longer just revealing personal status.


In 1993, UNI-PARAGON was established in Taipei, Taiwan. We are highly experienced in specializing produced brand bag and with 23 years of designing, purchasing, OEM and conducting business for domestic and international gift products, Our deya brand bag & Unicake Bag with many years experience of products are currently being marketed to Europe, US, Japan, and Taiwan, We have established 15 direct-sale store in Taiwan and China and more than 100 distribution locations,
We are used high quality of Taiwan fabric and the experience master carpenter Engineering Technology, and human spirit of creativity, to create Taiwa's brand value, in order to brand, marketing world for the vision.


deya, a brand born in Taiwan, “deya”is the local pronunciation of Bag in Taiwanese dialect. deya bear bag is connecting Taiwan culture creative and Formosan Black bear protection, conservation concepts and expectations from this land starting to do in the world of brands. We always offer best quality materials and superb technology, No complicated thoughts, deya just bring simple, lifestyle, fashion design bags to collocate with your dressing. Refined feel and youthful design, and staggered out of the spark, extending with "trend", "travel", "culture" style series, into the creative design of humanity, endowed with a stylish new look.