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Carnation Sanitary Napkin Ultra Thin - Refreshing Wings
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:1SCRS14TRK/1SCOS12TRK/1SCNS10TRK/1SCLS08TRK
KNH Enterprise Co., Ltd.
award 3

1.Feeling of Coolness:
New refreshing formula: The unique refreshing and cool formula is used for eliminating odor and increasing coolness.

2.Feeling of Dryness:
Super absorbency liquid-locking layer: The unique diversion structure directs fluid to the bottom layer quickly, and locks it away. Super absorbency with high protection structure keeps top layer dry and prevents it from leakage.

3.Feeling of Breathability:
Anti-leakage, comfortable and breathable layer: Highly breathable anti-leakage cover is designed for breathable and releasing humidity rapidly which provides you comfort and happiness.

4.Feeling of Comfort:
Soft cotton cover for skin friendly: The top layer is delicate and soft touching which make you feel dry and comfortable.

5.Feeling of Cleanness: The packaging cover is designed by reusable adhesive which is cleanness, hygiene and easy for storage.

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About KNH Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1969, ISO 9001 certified, Kang Na Hsiung (KNH) has been dedicated to innovation that leads to life quality improvement and environmental protection for the last forty-eight years.
With production sites based in China and Taiwan, KNH, the nonwoven specialty manufacturer has constantly advanced its technology platform covering from personal care hygiene to skin care and later into industrial and commercial filtration specialty arena.
Over the period of 1999-2016, KNH was ranked among top 40 leading manufactures worldwide by US based Journal- Nonwoven Industry.
KNH's central R&D center located in the southern part of Taiwan and it has 90 issued patents. Its nonwoven technology covers air through, calendar bond, melt-blown, air-laid, composite air-laid, and spunlace. KNH is committed to continued investment in technology innovation.


Since 1969, KHN has dedicated itself to an important mission of enhancing the quality of life. For over 40 years, KNH has produced various products in personal care, hygiene, and skin care under its Carnation brand. Just as the carnation flower symbolizes a bond of affection from a mother’s undying love for her child, KNH hopes that consumers will associate with those same feelings of warmth and affection whenever they use Carnation brand products.