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Wash Station
Industry type:Home, construction materials and hardware
Product model number:M-Tap
Hokwang Industries Co., Ltd.
award 3

M-Tap is a unique and innovative deck mounted wash station, which allows hand washing and hand drying procedures to be accomplished in one single deck. After washing your hands, you can dry your hands directly. Making the procedure of hand washing becomes very easy and fast. The excessive water upon your hands will not splash or sprinkle all over the place due to the movement of your hands.
The modular design concept makes the public bathroom space more interesting.
M-Tap is composed of two components, including table component and blowing faucet component. Table component is located underneath the sink, while blowing faucet component is located right above the sink.
To match up with different architectural design, the wash station has developed various styles of faucets for customers to choose from. Apart from the design of deck mounted faucet, wall-mounted extension faucet is a new option for customer to select.

About Hokwang Industries Co., Ltd.

The founding partners of HOKWANG were previously involved in manufacturing Infrared Sensor-Motivated products in Taiwan, giving them more than 20 years experience in this field. We have been developing continuously with modernized Automatic and comfort bathroom sanitary wares equipment. All the necessary equipment for a sanitary washroom you can purchase from us. Keep yourself GERM-FREE with HOKWANG’S TREE-FREE products.


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