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TurboCycler 2 PCR Thermal Cycler
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:TCST-9612
Arise Biotech Corporation
award 3

Intuitive: The sensitive 7” capacitive touchscreen and graphic user interface of the TurboCycler 2 makes operation easy. The built-in tools allow easy Tm calculation, copy number conversion and master mix preparation.

Performance: The excellent features of the TurboCycler 2 include: heating rate of up to 5.5°C /sec; excellent temperature accuracy and uniformity (+/- 0.3°C); a 12-section gradient temperature range from 1 to 24.9°C for PCR optimization; and a 45 second boot-up.

IoT-Enabled: The TurboCycler 2 has taken the lead by including an IoT (Internet of Things) feature. The optional Wi-Fi module allows remote monitoring of the PCR process on a mobile device using a free TurboApp.

Flexible: The A4 size footprint allows side-by-side placement of several units to save a lot of bench-top space. The easy-to-operate heated lid is compatible with most PCR reaction vessels on the market. Power failure recovery keeps the experiment safe. A USB port is included for protocol transfer.

About Arise Biotech Corporation

Backed by more than 17 years of industry-proven experience, we aim to provide global biotechnology researchers with innovative and reliable biotech instruments to accelerate the development of biotechnology.
Our strong in-house R&D teams have perfectly combined competency in electronics and biological technology to allow for the development of high-quality products with superior performance. Our current line includes PCR thermal cyclers, liquid handling instruments, high speed microcentrifuges, and a live cell imaging system.
We continue to establish a worldwide distributor network from our headquarters in Taiwan. This enables us to provide our clients with effective support as well as to increase global awareness of our brand.
All our products are entirely designed and made in Taiwan. With ISO-13485 certification, all of the R&D, manufacturing, sales, servicing professionals, and other staff all support our strict quality control to ensure complete client satisfaction.


“Better Equipment, Better Research” Experimental instruments play an important role in biology research. Aiming to provide researchers with innovative and reliable instruments, we devote ourselves to developing and marketing cutting-edge products that can be widely adopted. Our products can be used for cell, gene, nucleic acids, and protein research. Blue-Ray Biotech provides a range of electronic pipettes, pipette controllers, and microcentrifuges for sample preparation and we offer a complete series of PCR thermal cyclers for target amplification. We also have live-cell microscopy and micro-spectrophotometers under development. The Blue-Ray Biotech logo is blue and includes a DNA double helix to emphasize the direction of our R&D development. It also explains our core competencies, which are electronics technology and with biological technology. We follow strict CIS guidelines in all our marketing applications.