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Digital Stethoscope
Industry type:Health and precision instrument
Product model number:DS101
award 3

1.The patented organ map makes the sound recordings more detailed

The organ position is simultaneously recorded during the auscultation.

2.Sound filtering and frequency selection highlighting the pathological sound

Use frequency separation technology to reduce environmental noise and accurately perform various organ sounds.

3.Amplification of sounds for hearing subtle sound changes

The sound can be amplified up to 27dB.

Connecting with a speaker via Bluetooth to help hearing the subtle sounds to promote the auscultation.

4.Visualized phonocardiogram helps identify heart murmurs

Performing real-time sound waveforms to visualize auscultation, helping doctors identify heart murmurs more easily.

5.Storage and sharing of recorded auscultation facilitate consultation and teaching

Up to 160 10-second recordings can be stored for making records as well as sharing; all recordings can be transmitted to personal device via Bluetooth for reviewing.


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IMEDIPLUS INC. specializes in digital medical and computer AI diagnosis and screening. It is also a medical solution development enterprise for medical digital auscultation system. Its system can capture fine sound and convert it into digital signals, record the measured organs' voices, further use the algorithm of sound pattern recognition and computer depth learning, establish big data database of disease sound, and help doctors to diagnose. The vision for IMEDIPLUS INC. is based on the digital medical and intelligent auscultation, it combines the AI artificial intelligence and the block chain technology to become the provider of the intelligent digital health care solutions.


CaRDIaRT is dedicated to developing the stethoscope of high sound quality with the group of well-known cardiologists, physicians of emergency room and acousticians. The combination of superior sound quality with rigorous manufacturing process offers the clearest and most immediate help to physicians in the critical moment.

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